Sunday, September 2, 2012

Young girl imprisoned, beaten and abused in Sea Org headquarter, Dundas, Australia

The following is translated from, the front end to one of the largest BBS in Taiwan, where almost all college students are registered.  The victim is well known to the Church of Scientology and her brother made public the incident with real names.  The Australian Federal Police, Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local hospitals have plenty of records.  Australian media is aware. The OP sanitized the names.


This happened to my colleague.  One day he disappeared after work.  I asked around and heard that he went to work in Australia.  This is common so I didn't ask.  Until a few days ago he came back and turned up at a company event.  I didn't chat with him much because I thought that he completed his task in Australia and resumed his duties.

This is what he posted on the community page of the company on Facebook, and asked us to tell as many people as possible.  Please consider very carefully in joining any religious groups.

Victim's brother Jake:

I am beginning my military service.  There is something that I want to be honest with you.  Also, please help!  As a matter of fact, I don't have direct connections to the xx bureau, but I think our bureau has influence in the world.

I was stunned when xx said that I was gone without saying goodbye.  But that is what actually happened.  First, I asked for a few days off, and then disappeared.  I went to Australia.  Doing what? I didn't say clearly and honestly.  But in fact, it isn't glorious.

This is what happened.  My sister Alisa joined a religion — Scientology.  She went to Australia using religious reasons.  Three months later, my sister called home.  She told us that she was imprisoned, beaten and abused in a Scientology base.  She needed us there to rescue her.  Unbelievable!  We first thought it was one of the fake kidnapping schemes that cheats ransom money out of us.  But it was no doubt my sister. She was sent to a hospital because of serious injuries.  The Australian medical system isolated her from Scientologists, so she had the chance to call home for help.

First, we asked for help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan.  The Ministry staff pointed out that on average, an incident occurs every three months when parents come looking for their children.  These children all went to Scientology in Australia, and mostly disappeared.

Later, I came across anti-Scientology groups. Nearly all of them ex-followers escaped from Scientology. With their help, I went to the unfamiliar Australia with connections. But my sister went to a psychiatric hospitalAlthough in my opinion, apart from the physical wounds, she has no mental problems. Australia's mental health care system is very strict, not easily allowing patients to be discharged. My sister stayed in the hospital under observation for nearly two months. So I checked into the home of an ex-Scientologist, commuting to visit my sister almost every day.  I also listened to an ex-Scientologist, once trapped inside for more than 10 years, for a lot of inhumane treatments inside. During the hospital stay the Australian Federal Police came to take noteI'm back now after two months.

It seemed very exaggerated, very serious, but this is real, all true. What I ask everyone to help is to talk about it. Let everyone know that "Scientology" is engaged in such things, because Scientology is here in TaiwanAnd that is what I introduced to others like a salesman. A friend introduced me, and I introduced Scientology to my sister.  My sister went to the headquarter in Dundas, where she was abused. Now I know how terrible Scientology is. In fact, I believe somebody know about the Scientology scandals in the bureau, bro' xx and lil' x  ...  But no one warned me! Why?  Could be because I was in the midst of pleasure!

Lil' x, please take the trouble to send my message to the priest during worship.  Ask him to tell the faithful that they must be especially careful of Scientology, because the surface looks quite gorgeous and beautiful, but in the name of religion, to do good, to help, to learn knowledge, it's actually a money-making fraud, and even engages in human trafficking.

Strictly speaking this is a private matter, but thank you for help anyway.  After my military service I will be back to the bureau, but I may be in Australia for a period of time to sue the Church of Scientology.

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