This is an anti Scientology blog in Taiwan, English version.  Since most of the work is translating world news into Chinese, we keep an English version of cut and paste sources before reposting.

We do not care if Scientology is a religion or not.  We do not care if Scientology is a cult or not.  We do not care if Scientology is different from the Church of Scientology.  L. Ron. Hubbard is a crazy fraud with good evidence, but if you don't sue us for that, we can respect each other.

The Chinese edition of this blog has a long title including words such as cult, fraud, fake PhD, fake medals, convicted criminal on the run, fake science.  The only reason is to let Scientologists know that they can't do anything about it.  The title was never an issue except in Yahoo Taiwan.  But after some battles, the title got to stay.  Later the title was shortened a bit voluntarily.  Because of the length, it didn't look too good on search engine results, or on Facebook.

Now that we are working with some ex-Scientologists, and sure there are current Scientologists reading the blogs, too much name calling is counter productive.

But we have no intention to change the title of the Chinese edition because

This is true.

Now the title is consistence with all language versions.  The Chinese title is now very short and nice.  The other reason is to encourage Scientologists and ex-church members to read.

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