Sunday, September 2, 2012

Young girl imprisoned, beaten and abused in Sea Org headquarter, Dundas, Australia

The following is translated from, the front end to one of the largest BBS in Taiwan, where almost all college students are registered.  The victim is well known to the Church of Scientology and her brother made public the incident with real names.  The Australian Federal Police, Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local hospitals have plenty of records.  Australian media is aware. The OP sanitized the names.


This happened to my colleague.  One day he disappeared after work.  I asked around and heard that he went to work in Australia.  This is common so I didn't ask.  Until a few days ago he came back and turned up at a company event.  I didn't chat with him much because I thought that he completed his task in Australia and resumed his duties.

This is what he posted on the community page of the company on Facebook, and asked us to tell as many people as possible.  Please consider very carefully in joining any religious groups.

Victim's brother Jake:

I am beginning my military service.  There is something that I want to be honest with you.  Also, please help!  As a matter of fact, I don't have direct connections to the xx bureau, but I think our bureau has influence in the world.

I was stunned when xx said that I was gone without saying goodbye.  But that is what actually happened.  First, I asked for a few days off, and then disappeared.  I went to Australia.  Doing what? I didn't say clearly and honestly.  But in fact, it isn't glorious.

This is what happened.  My sister Alisa joined a religion — Scientology.  She went to Australia using religious reasons.  Three months later, my sister called home.  She told us that she was imprisoned, beaten and abused in a Scientology base.  She needed us there to rescue her.  Unbelievable!  We first thought it was one of the fake kidnapping schemes that cheats ransom money out of us.  But it was no doubt my sister. She was sent to a hospital because of serious injuries.  The Australian medical system isolated her from Scientologists, so she had the chance to call home for help.

First, we asked for help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan.  The Ministry staff pointed out that on average, an incident occurs every three months when parents come looking for their children.  These children all went to Scientology in Australia, and mostly disappeared.

Later, I came across anti-Scientology groups. Nearly all of them ex-followers escaped from Scientology. With their help, I went to the unfamiliar Australia with connections. But my sister went to a psychiatric hospitalAlthough in my opinion, apart from the physical wounds, she has no mental problems. Australia's mental health care system is very strict, not easily allowing patients to be discharged. My sister stayed in the hospital under observation for nearly two months. So I checked into the home of an ex-Scientologist, commuting to visit my sister almost every day.  I also listened to an ex-Scientologist, once trapped inside for more than 10 years, for a lot of inhumane treatments inside. During the hospital stay the Australian Federal Police came to take noteI'm back now after two months.

It seemed very exaggerated, very serious, but this is real, all true. What I ask everyone to help is to talk about it. Let everyone know that "Scientology" is engaged in such things, because Scientology is here in TaiwanAnd that is what I introduced to others like a salesman. A friend introduced me, and I introduced Scientology to my sister.  My sister went to the headquarter in Dundas, where she was abused. Now I know how terrible Scientology is. In fact, I believe somebody know about the Scientology scandals in the bureau, bro' xx and lil' x  ...  But no one warned me! Why?  Could be because I was in the midst of pleasure!

Lil' x, please take the trouble to send my message to the priest during worship.  Ask him to tell the faithful that they must be especially careful of Scientology, because the surface looks quite gorgeous and beautiful, but in the name of religion, to do good, to help, to learn knowledge, it's actually a money-making fraud, and even engages in human trafficking.

Strictly speaking this is a private matter, but thank you for help anyway.  After my military service I will be back to the bureau, but I may be in Australia for a period of time to sue the Church of Scientology.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Characteristics of a cult - turning cheese into diamond

After 4 years of studying in the "university of cults", I realized that some cult characteristics aren't listed in some checklists.

One characteristics is the systematic, selective peeling off of one's rational reasoning.  (The other is polarization.)

As far as checklists go, the symptoms (absolute obedience) rather than the cause (destroy reasoning) are more suitable.

The destruction of reasoning has been well discussed.  Some refers to it as thought stopping.  However, thought stopping is defined in some controversial therapy as "tell yourself to stop thinking about that" whenever "that" thought occurs.  I prefer to use reasoning to describe a more complex process than "thinking about something".

I rather not use the word logic as it had become a dirty for cult members.  They are criticized as being illogical so often that they might think that their "reasoning" is another branch alternative to "logic".

So, for outsiders who have read a few of Scientology's criticisms, they may think that, "How do you believer that when there are so many holes in it?".  But for believers, Scientology is a bullet proof, perfect diamond. 

How does LRH turn cheese into diamonds?  Brain wash, mind control come to mind.  But how?

Peeling off your reasoning seems to be a good description.  It can be in huge chunks as in a Dianetics intensive course.  Or more likely, it's gradual.

People who accept Dianetics isn't picky about the difference of science and pseudo-science in the first place.  Dianetics say 2% of the population are anti-society suppressive persons, who can be get rid of silently without sorrow.  Either you accept it without thinking about it, or you think it's reasonable.  But if you accept this, you are accepting to be much more extreme than the Nazis.  When you progress up the bridge, this fact will be reinforced.

For example in the free Volunteer Minister course, the third-party rule is introduced.  Whenever there is an argument, there must be a third-party behind it who benefits from the conflict.  It may or may not be true but it's 100% in Scientology.  You may think it's reasonable to say that, may be 30% of the time is true.  But once you accepted it, sooner or later it will be 100%.  Whenever people criticize Scientology, your will call them SP's (that they can be destroyed with sorrow) and the psychs must have sent them.

Each piece of programming isn't just sugar coated, but comes with a huge pot of honey.  You accept auditing and the e-meter because the make you feel better.  But the fact is, the beginner’s auditing is similar to some common therapy techniques.  You can get it elsewhere, it's not original, and the more effective the better.  It's a huge carrier to bring some destructive payloads into your reasoning process, no matter how tiny the destructive forces are.

So when discussing whether LRH's tech is effective, effectiveness is irrelevant.  Firstly, LRH is seldom the source who invented the effective part.  And if it's not at all effective, nobody will be a Scientologist.  You have to figure out the tiny piece of destructive programming in each area of tech.  It's a cheese to diamond tech, but only if you fall for it.

The peeling off is systematic - overwhelming and relentless.  It's is also selective so a lawyer can still be a lawyer, an engineer can still be an engineer.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The history of the fall of the church of Scientology

This is the new title for both Chinese and English versions of the blog.  Now the Chinese title is nice and short, with a little bit of originality.

I have reasons to believe that the old title prevents some Scientologists and ex-church members to click on it in search engine results.

The old Chinese title is basically the nouns Scientology, Dianetics and LRH in one sentence, plus two negative adjectives each like fraud, cult, greedy.  Later it was shortened to one negative adjective to appear less mental.  The purpose was to stand out from the cult's many other websites, and to tell Scientologists that they can't do anything about the title.

This is not a postulate, but really history.  To me the CoS has fallen since 2008, since the Tom Cruise video incident.  That was the first time I knew what Scientology really is.  I asked myself how can the cult win when it takes only a few minutes at most to upload one video with no traces?  That was even before Gawker hosted the video on their website.  I even posted other copyrighted materials on videos as a little experiment.  It took the RTC three months to take one down!

Since then, the church has been forced to use full guerrilla tactics.  There are no spokesperson to confront the media.  Scientologists were given instructions in no uncertain terms not to defend in their own way their religion on the Internet.  Curtains will be drawn when the first protestors arrive at an Org.  Names and places are withheld in press releases in Taiwan, so nobody knows where or who to send complains to.

To be a Christian, you normally belong to a church, even if only your birth was celebrated there, and your funeral will be held there.  An ex-church member means that you are no longer a Christian - same as an ex-Christian.  But Scientologists has no such luck.  An ex-church member merely means that he/she has no other church to join, though he/she may still believes in Scientology.

One reason that some Scientologists (the Writer) don't leave the criminal and greedy church is because they are afraid that the whole Bridge will be lost, along with all Hubbard tech.  To me Hubbard is evil and crazy, but I can reassure Scientologists that the Bridge will still be there.

Take Karen de la Carriere for example.  She is the highest level of auditors trained by LRH himself.  She is the ex-wife of the current President of Scientology International, Heber Jentzsch.  She alone can take you up the Bridge many times over.  There are much more people like her outside of the church than inside.  She left the church in 2010, long after LRH dropped his body.  Therefore she cannot be a squirrel and sell impure LRH tech.  She is still a firm believer of Scientology even though she accused the church of causing the death of her son.

Karen is also a friend of OT8 Helen Chen, and appeared as guest on Helen Chen Academy’s graduation celebration in Los Angeles.

An 18 year old 2nd generation Scientologist in Taiwan came out to defend her religion.  She has been happy in Scientology and she said 18 years can't be wrong.  Wrong.  Many had been in for twice that, and Karen was trained by LRH himself.  If the church is gone, her group will still be there for some time.

Below is the memorial for Alexander Jentzsch, Karen's son.  You can see all the big guns there, many can take you far up the Bridge.  Without the church, you can still have your Scientology silent birth, weddings, and funeral.  And if you drop your body some day, you may still go to the other galaxies.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Legend of the Guardians

The movie (sorry to disappoint you) gave me inspirations about "what is a cult?".

If for nothing else, kids will watch and may understand what is a cult with parental guidance.  There is the possibility that children raised in a cult may understand that the outside world is different.

A cult enslaves people, the weak.  It's not on a check list of cult features that I re-posted, hence this discussion.

You are the elite, or promised a path to be an elite, if you join.  It's OK to rule the weak, enslave them or extort huge amounts of money from them.  In order to move up the path of the elite, or keep yourself there, you will do a lot of things otherwise you will not do.

You are a slave master that money can't buy.  You regard that you are the saviour of mankind while Bill Gate is far from it.  It's OK not to talk to your family because they don't agree with you and they are weak.

The current leadership structure of a cult is a pyramid scheme to enrich people at the top - a cult is about money and power, exchangeable.

One difference between a religion and a cult is the concept of zero return, or that a cult rob Peter to pay Paul.  An established "religion" do not need to do that.

A cult sells you something addictive, for example, auditing.

Religion and cult evolve, so the concept of evolution make sense.  Evolution goes in all directions and cults are at the dead ends if they can't adapt.  Cults will have a lot of anti-society features, such as Fair Game and Keep Scientology Working.  Society will kill them like cancer.

Evolution gave us a large brain, astronomy and condoms.  You can't keep on fighting these things, for one Galileo that falls, ten will be born in his place.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thursday 2 pm

After the first Taiwanese OT's public denunciation of the church, this is what happened to a Scientology critic's blog in Chinese.  And these are not people looking for Tom Cruise divorce news.

This is evidence that Taiwanese Scientologists are starting to observe for themselves, ignoring the church's ban on etheta information on the net.  Congratulations and well done to those who triggered it all.

On 2nd thought, after the public seen the headlines of  Tom and Scientology, they search for Scientology.

Why Thursday 2 pm?  Anybody who has been a Scientology staff will still shiver when they hear this moment every week, when they have to report their statistics.  For all current staff, inverting this chart will be your stat comes next Thursday.

Is today Thursday?  Absolutely not.  I am experimenting a column like Tony's to catch up with so many things.  I am showing staff that I can do what I like, when I like it.

Our own Freedom Medal winner came out to defend the church.  His target audience are loyal Scientologists but his article got posted in public.  This is a bad sign as the church's usual handling is not to response but to smear critics on Freedom Magazine.  He didn't smear the critics but blame bad sheep among staff.  If he were in Sea Org he would have been put into the RPF.  Now he will need a lot of sec checks to progress up the bridge.  But I doubt if that's what he really wants.  He became OT3 only in recent years.

Our own celebrity is not afraid to speak her mind as usual.  She supports the new critics, but wants to stay in the church.  Maybe that's possible, but not before a lot of expensive sec checks.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Declaration of OT5 Verjanso Yang and wife leaving church of Scientology

Vejanso Yang is
I am a New OTV, a GAT Class V Auditor and Purif C/S and PTS Specialist. Whilst a public of the AOSH ANZO I assisted this organization by doing A-J’s on more than 200 people, more than 50 peoples’ Objective Correction Lists as well as auditing Sea Org Members up the Bridge.
I am trained to handle all kinds of PTSness except Type III and I deliver people all the way from the Purif to Clear. In fact, I am the first Taiwanese auditor to this day who can deliver from the Purif all the way to Clear. I am the first Taiwanese Senior Minister that was ever made. I was the first Taiwanese who co-audited to Clear. I was the first person to go to China and make the first Clear in China.

And now I am the first highly trained Class V Taiwanese Auditor to publically depart.

An Open Letter to All the Taiwanese Scientologists

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wanted Thetans

Human species trafficking,  illegal imprisonment, kidnapping, fraud, violation of visa and labour laws, negligence (breach of duty and factual causation).

Any countries on the planet with extradition treaties with the Galactic Confederation.

Lead Agencies:
Because of the ease of blending in with the local species, the following organisations will be automatically recognised by the Confederation as the lead agencies when they are involved —— Interpol, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Australian Federal Police, Scotland Yard, and Politsiya.

Effective Period:
One billion years and one day.


Valeska Paris testified on national TV broadcast that David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board, Church of Scientology Religious Technology Centre, is personally responsible for taking her on-board the Freewinds.  She was held against her will for 12 years.   

Don Jason's publicly stated that he escaped from the Freewinds by sliding down the anchor chain.  To get to the airport, he had to fight off Sea Org members who attempted to kidnap him.

Shane Kelsey's mother put him in the Sea Org at Dundas Australia, when he was 6.  He escaped at 21 with the help of his father on the outside.

An anonymous source, an ex-Sea Org member from Taiwan, stated in public that he knows Shane because Shane worked in the kitchen for long hours.

A second anonymous source, an ex-Sea Org member from Taiwan, stated in public that he asked his friend in Taiwan to come over and help him escape from Dundas.  He returned to Taiwan but still believes in Scientology.

The Galactic Confederation therefore believes that crimes were committed against the human species, and that all the Sea Org officials and recruiters in Taiwan are directly implicated.  Those who ignored, or failed to check on, the well being of their recruits are at least guilty of multiple negligence.

The Republic of China, Taiwan, has no extradition treaty with the Confederation, but it has Mutual Legal Assistance Agreements with many countries on the planet.


All your thetans are belong to us —— David Miscavige, 李美足,Tina Chen, 黃玲月,林讚廷。

Lisa Marie Presley — So Long

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taiwan Sea Org recruitment poster

Anybody who wants to join the Sea Org in Taiwan should contact:

黃玲月 07-215-1025
Tina 陳 0917-641195
林讚廷 0910-034025
Fax 07-215-7363

山達基教會海洋機構 / 新紀元出版有限公司

The work conditions and success story in the poster are bull shits.  Typically the "church" uses initials for people who don't exist.

95% of Sea Org staff are paid US$50 per week for their entire life, if there is enough money.  Unless you are an auditor or training to be one, you are doing work for the Sea Org that even illegal immigrants would not do for the less than minimum wage.  Worse, ex-Sea Org members compare the hard work and long hours with the gulags in USSR.

If you want to leave, they will say it's not allowed.  This is against the law of any land.  The billion year contract is not effective in any country.  You don't owe them money because you leave.  Any contract such as free loader debts are dubious in legality and they can't do much about you after the fact.

There was an academic research paper in Taiwan, comparing the Sea Org with other religious orders.  The number of Scientologists recommending fellow believers to join the Sea Org is the lowest among other religions.  But when you ask Scientologists and staff members about their opinion of the Sea Org, at best they will remain silence if they know the reality. 

The following videos show the real life in the Sea Org.

 Shaun was put in Dundas Base by her mother at 6, escaped at 21.

 Paris was illegally imprisoned in the Freewinds for 12 years.

Ramana was illegally imprisoned in the Freewinds for 8 years.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Agnostic vs atheist

You are who you associate with.  To some degree you have to admit it's true.

I would have thought I'm an atheist, but I'm too lazy for that.  I have no intention to prove that God or something like that don't exist.  Agnostic suits me best.  I wouldn't believe something that cannot be proven, but you are welcomed to it.

An ancient Chinese Wiseman (Lao Zi 老子?) said, "You life is limited.  To chase after the boundless would be dangerous".  If you want to believe in a religion, you might just end up in Scientology and other destructive cults.

It's true that atheists crash with all people with religions to some extent.  But for the agnostic view, those with different religions contradict each other.  For example, Christian, Buddhism and Hindu believe in very different things.  Only one of them can be right?  And since you can't prove who is right one way or the other, I have better things to do.

The problem with Scientologists is that they cannot defend their own religion without risking to see the ethic officer for saying or looking up the wrong things.  They can only tell you to read a book, even in press releases.

"Dianetics: the modern science of mental health"  This is not science, end of story for me, and the same for anybody who knows science from science friction.  How do you defend that?  There is no IF's, BUT's.  It's not true or false, acceptable or unacceptable, right or wrong.  There is no intention to be a science as we know it.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Narconon Trois-Rivières: Disturbing testimony from former employees

Translation of a French article by mnql1 posted on April 18, 2012 on the website of the Trois-Rivières daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste:
Des constats inquiétants

Narconon practices risky, according to regional Health Agency

Translation by mnql1 of a French article posted on April 17, 2012 on the website of radio station 98.5 FM in Montreal:
Des pratiques risquées chez Narconon selon l'Agence régionale

Closure of Narconon announced

Translation by mnql1 of a French article posted on April 17, 2012 on the website of the Journal de Montréal: Fermeture annoncée pour Narconon

 Quebec is expected to close the detoxification center linked to the controversial Church of Scientology

The Health and Social Services Agency for the Mauricie region met yesterday with the directors of Narconon, a drug detoxification center linked to the controversial Church of Scientology. According to our sources, Quebec is expected to put an end to Narconon's activities.

By Émilie Dubreuil

Spending seven to eight hours a day in a sauna for 21 days, shouting at an ashtray, ingesting massive vitamin doses - this, among other things, is the treatment that Narconon Trois-Rivières offers drug addicts.

This peculiar detoxification method is based on the writings of the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.

A typical two-to-three-month stay at Narconon Trois-Rivières costs $23,000.

Many families of drug addicts do not hesitate to invest this amount to help their loved ones deal with their addiction.

Moreover, Narconon Trois-Rivières claims that its success rate is 80%, which is far above average.

Multiple complaints

The center's clientele comes mainly from the United States and English Canada.

The latter is the case for David Edgar Love, who arrived at Narconon Trois-Rivières addicted to cocaine and medications. He emerged one year later weaned off drugs, but completely traumatized.

Since then, with the support of the Anonymous group that campaigns worldwide against the activities of the Church of Scientology, Love has filed multiple formal complaints with the College of Physicians, the Human Rights Commission and the Canada Revenue Agency.

David Love has also organized various protests to draw media attention to Narconon's questionable methods.


At the same time these efforts were unfolding, the regional Health and Social Services Agency conducted an investigation and met with former dissatisfied patients.

This investigation was part of a certification process for detoxification centers located in the province of Quebec.

This initiative began in Quebec in 2007. It was learned that Narconon employees were offering courses in certain Quebec schools, teaching basic Scientology principles to young students.

The Health and Social Services Agency convened the media this morning to report on this case, but news of the closure had already reached David Love and he is very pleased about it.

"I feel I did my duty," he said.

Narconon: Health Agency feared for the safety of the residents

April 17, 2012 translated by mnql1

The Narconon detoxification center fails to satisfy 42 of the 55 criteria needed to obtain certification from the Quebec Department of Health, 26 of which are deemed high risk factors. This is the assessment presented this morning at a press conference by the Health and Social Services Agency for the Mauricie-Central Quebec region.

The Health Agency brought up several questionable procedures used by Narconon, for example its sudation method combined with massive doses of medications, as well as the absence of medical supervision. Residents spend five or six hours a day in a sauna during twenty-five days. These methods are not recognized by the Quebec Department of Health.

Moreover, some residents have said they were prevented from leaving the center.

Narconon has ten days to send its comments to the Health Agency. Following this, Narconon will have sixty days to contest the decision before the courts. As was previously reported, the Narconon Trois-Rivières detoxification center was forced to shut down because the Quebec Department of Health refused to grant it certification.

More details to come.

Published in Trois-Rivières daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste:
Narconon: l'Agence de santé craignait pour la sécurité des résidents

Signs of winning

In today's Google Taiwan search results, anti-church of Scientology websites occupies half of the 10 entries on front page.  The top entry has always been the Wikipedia page of Scientology.  It is supposed to be neutral but in fact the data in it are overwhelming unfavourable to CoS, making the overall results 6 to 4 against.

More importantly, it is not just the number of websites, we are winning in different fronts - Wikipedia, website, Global and local blog platforms, Youtube, Facebook.

Taiwan is one of the 5 countries in the world that Google isn't the top search engine.  But here Google handles about half of the searches and growing.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Another died in Narconon Arrowhead

On April 11, 2012, Hillary Holten, 21, of Carrolton Texas, was found dead at about 4 a.m. in her room at Narconon Arrowhead. She had been staying at the facility for less than two days when she was found face down on her bed.

Less than six months earlier, in October, the body of Gabriel Graves, 32, of Kingfisher, was also found in his bed at the facility, according to a police report. He had been at Narconon for months.


Narconon deaths under investigation

Monday, April 16, 2012

Worse than KONY 2012—Youth for Human Rights International Taiwan

The president of Youth for Human Rights International Mary Shutterworth visited the President of Taiwan.  It was very upstat at first sight but this is right after the presidential election.  It's pay back time.  What else did the President do?  Force eviction of homes for redevelopment.  Big increase in gas and electricity.  And greeted Mary Shutterworth.  Scientology is that unpopular.  And because of the visit, I commented that the church of Scientology is a convicted international criminal organisation, at the Presidential Office online.  The board is moderated and my comment got through.  It's not a big deal but Scientologists can't say "It's not true", "I sue you".

Youth for Human Rights International Taiwan has one full time employee 林佩臻.  The only activity is for her to go to schools and lecture about human rights. Since she does not do press releases, we have not filed complains recently.

They used to have a Human Rights carnival on Human Rights day every year.  It was busted some two years ago.  Then they invited "celebrities" instead to tour universities.  First it was once a year, then every six months and now just three months.  It was as if they want to stop the downward spiral but failed miserably.

All these celebrities are offspring of big donors and dedicated OT's.  There were also some without a single talent who came along.  They don't come any more because they can't do anything and looked like idiots. 

As I predicted, Nikki Lanik can't continue to fake being a formula one driver when nobody hire him to drive any race any more.  Instead, came the bizarre "Hollywood photographer" Felix Kunze, who is actually based in London, and his only photo shoot session with a movie star is, guess who, Juliette Lewis.  I still want to vomit thinking about her recently leaked sex pictures.  He did a session with Catherine Bell recently, before he set off for Taiwan.  But Bell isn't a Hollywood star, all she did was TV shows and TV movies.

As for Dustin McGahee, he claims to be a singer and he can sing, although the biggest run of his album is 300 CD's shipped to Taiwan for sale. I would think a lot are still in the office drawers.  There's nothing to fake but there's not enough pulling power either.  So this time they find another singer to make up a party of three celebrities.  But the trouble is that this singer, 郭育麟, is a wedding singer.  That doesn't stop them from signing autographs and sell them as if they are Hollywood and Nashville stars.  But sooner or later people will realise that Dustin McGahee is not even as good as a wedding singer, and the Hollywood photographer has nothing to do with Hollywood, except for Juliette Lewis that he would rather has nothing to do with.

This year they managed to tour three universities.  Only a few people turned up in one of them, just enough for them to take group pictures.  May be because they brought a wedding singer in the other one, so the crowd was bigger.

The repeat offender is Kun Shan University.  When I made a comment on a Facebook page of this university about the event, my link to the Presidential Office was deleted.  That gave me an option to complain to the highest level.

Also, people are not stupid. Someone were bound to ask, "Human rights ambassadors, can you help with the force eviction for redevelopment?"  The answer should have been, "We are worse than KONY 2012.  We take your money, travel all over, make epic videos, and raise awareness.  But we absolutely don't spend any money on others."

With nothing much to do, these celebrities hijacked a concert.  The location is like Avalon in Catalina Islands, Land's End in Cornwall.  There are pictures of a lot of audiences.  There are videos of our celebrity singing on his own.  The only video with the singer singing in front of some audiences, was probably filmed when they gave him the stage after the concert finished, and there were still some people left who didn't go home yet.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The failure behind Scientology anti-drug events

Protected by Fair Use, Republic of China  
The church of Scientology cannot enter schools to promote Narcanon any more, not even in the Clearwater of Taiwan, 高雄 (Gao Xiong).  You would think that going out in the streets to deliver leaflets is easy.  But it's not as easy as you think.

About 3 days before the event, they sent out an invitation for volunteers to participate in an anti-drug event.  The volunteering organisation is legit, Gao Xiong Youth Volunteer Centre (  高雄市青年志工中心), federally funded.  Managing the centre is a murky Huo Cun Culture and Education Foundation(和春文教基金會).  The administrator of the Facebook page of the Centre is Lin Ying Ming(林英明).  In the invitation, no sponsor or organisation is mentioned, which is an exception other than the norm.

12 volunteers from various schools attended the event.  I asked if the Church is the sponsor and posted that the Church is an international criminal organisation.  The comments got deleted.  This is not the first time.  But the issue is that I posted the link to the comment I left at Office the President website, that the Church is a convicted international criminal organisation. The feedbacks there are moderated.  So they deleted my comments good enough for the Office of the President, but not good enough for them, while they are a non-profit funded by the government.

Lin Ying Ming should know better because he was a graduate of the School of Political Warfare (政治作戰學校).

They used 12 clueless students to promote their agenda and then published a standard press release saying how great the Church of Scientology is, having solutions to the drug problem.

Perhaps they listened to my advice, using a reputable newspaper for press releases, stating that it is a press release and that the source is the Church of Scientology.

That makes you wonder, how many Scientologists are left at the district of the future Ideal Org of Taiwan?  Are they too ashamed to come out for charity? The scn controversial anti-drug campaign is that much close to annihilation.

The list of volunteers accepted for the event, a total of 12:


Saturday, April 14, 2012

OT8 in Taiwan declare independence from "church" of Scientology

Phil de Fontenay declared independence from the church of Scientology on Rathbun's blog.  For mission holders, there is the SMI to collect money from them for using the tech.  For individuals such as Phil, there is IHELP to collect money from them. (THE INTERNATIONAL HUBBARD ECCLESIASTICAL LEAGUE OF PASTORS).  Phil had been in Taiwan for over ten years.  First they charge his company for delivering SCN service.  They they charge his staff as well.  Now they charge the students for attending service.

Phil was declared for not paying up.  The church enforced Facebook disconnection on him but he has many supporters.  This the first time in Taiwan that Scientologists criticise the church openly and go around spreading their opinions on Facebook.

There are at least 4 OT8's in Taiwan, half are independent.  The other is Helen Chen.  If you disregard the quickie bargain OT8's, the only OT8 left in the church is Mr Wu Ying Ceng.

This is what Phil has to say:
One day people are so friendly and nice and tell you how happy they are to have you as a friend. The next day this other former "friend" tells them they should not be friends with you any more because of one thing or another. Your friend then, without so much as a whimper blindly follows like a rat follows the piper and un-friends you and shuns you as if you had a contagious disease. I don't mind of course because friends like that are not real friends. But, just like the rat happily follows the piper to its death, so follow the closed-minded, following an insane leader to a dark and forbidding future. It's this last part that drives me. I don't want anyone to suffer this fate. Make a stand and do not support insane leaders. Free communication = Freedom and that's all that matters! Adieu!

Criminon Taiwan finished?

April 12, 2012, new Criminon executives announced.  Now the head is the ex-mayor who was responsible for the existence of Narconon in his city in the first place.  Under him are one local Rotary Club high ranking person, and one local chamber of commerce high ranking person.

It looks impressive but none of them are Scientologists.  There can be many speculations but they will not survive the storms from Canada and USA that are coming.  Other than the ex-mayor who can't find any elected office, the others are well connected with public Facebook friends.  It doesn't take much to take them down.  I doubt if they know what they are getting into.

Ex-prison officials are gone.  Perhaps they know what is coming.  I haven't heard about any new Criminon courses held in prisons lately.

I think the whole operation is relatively expensive and funded entirely by the rich Mr Wu Ying Ceng, OT8.  They are running out of Scientologists volunteers and have to hire and train "instructors" to go into prison and teach.

週四, 12 四月 2012 01:18

 常務監事:陳玉燕  監事:許耀允、莊景翔

Monday, April 9, 2012

Lisa Marie Presley —— I'm suppressive

Lay down the law, don’t make a sound
Just critical, just going down
I don’t belong, I’ve lost the plot
Not gullible
Can’t be what I’m not

You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rail
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
If I don’t get with your system then I'm sure to fail
You ain't seen nothin' yet

Lay down the truth, don’t make a sound
Just a piece of fruit who’s hit the ground
I don’t respond
I’ve lost the plot
Not what I thought

You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rail
You ain’t seen nothin' yet
I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
You ain't seen nothin' yet

Am I disruption to your corruption?
You ain’t seen nothin' yet

You can think that I’m evil and I'm off the rail
You ain’t seen nothing yet
If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fail
You ain’t seen nothin' yet

No longer elated
Now you’re frustrated
You ain’t seen nothin' yet

You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rail
You ain’t seen nothing yet
If I don’t get with your system then I’m sure to fail
You ain’t seen nothin' yet

You can think that I’m evil and I’m off the rail
You ain’t seen nothin' yet
I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well
You ain’t seen nothin' yet

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Clear to Eternity - only for $102,850

The fast track 6 month package for Clears, going all the way up to OT7.  Only available from Flag with deep discount.  Is this the final money grabbing scheme? Other than Taiwan, where would they have clears, who decided all of a sudden to go all the way to OT7?  There are other fast and cheap courses strict from Student Hat to Class V auditor.

 A Letter From Cristian Landivar

Scientology Chairman David Miscavige Killed Lisa McPherson

David Miscavige can always come out and testify to it under oath.  There are other witnesses who will always turn up to join the party wherever COB is.

David Miscavige Killed Lisa McPherson by Marty Ruthbun April 5, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Japan 311 Nuclear Disaster Anniversary Law of Psychological Entropy

One Taiwanese was impressed by the Japanese.  A football field was full of people evacuating.  The order was perfect.  No chaos, no shouting, no arguing, no nothing.

But I would say that a lot of them are just speechless, "I voted whoever you wanted.  I listened to you all my life without question.  I was never late to work.  Now you screwed my DNA big time, the whole track, even if it survives the next generation."

There is a rule in psychology that I don't remember how to spell.  But it's similar to entropy in science.  People believe what will minimise their apparent losses.

People in the nuclear industry will believe that the reactors are safe, that the company and government will take care of everything.  If they don't believe, they have to become unemployed sooner or later.  The same with local people who will suffer economic destitute.

You can believe that beef are safe, because you can have cheap and tasteful meals, and that you still have the government to take care of you.

Unfortunately, truth and belief are different things.  The wrong believe will cost you much more at the end.

If I were in the Sea Org, I would quit right now no matter the cost.  You may lost everything that you worked for your whole life.  But if you don't, at best you will end up like Debbie Cook, raised to the top, beaten and tortured.  Out on her own at retirement age with nothing.  And it's not just her.  Most of the executives since LRH's time are declared, a much higher proportion of SP's in the church than in the general population according to Ron. At her generation of American dreams, she certainly would have been much happier without Sea Org and without Scientology.

You hope things may change, but it won't if you stay put and don't do anything.

The same goes for org staff.  They don't close orgs, but many staff have 2nd jobs to pay for food.  At the end they will send in the Sea Orgs to keep it open.  Bean and rice don't cost that much.

If you think dauntless and defiant is the way to go, it will cost you more everyday.  You will pay for it at the end.

Steven Jobs will compromise and sell anything to make a profit.

It's even harder to accept that Scientology is a scam.  Even Debbie Cook can't wake up.  I doubt if the "miracles" she witnessed worth what she suffered.  I'm sure the victims that she came across are less than the tip of the iceberg.  And yes, blame everything on David Miscavige allows you to still have Scientology.

The truth is out there if you pay attention.  When California milk are on huge sale because of nuclear fears, Taiwan media named the 311 event Strong Earthquake.  When your number one priority is to go zero in domestic nuclear energy, the media complained that Taiwan representatives are not invited in the earthquake anniversary. 

Now you know banning American beef is not enough, a great step though if you can.  The toxic drug will come from everywhere, banned or not, labelled or not.  You should have supported Wikileaks.  That's why the American politicians hate it so much.  Anything that can go wrong can go wrong, including governments.  You got to let the truth out when it happens.

The church of Scientology confession: we lied for Ideal Org donations

Will the church of Scientology ever allow the Ideal Org Taiwan to finish?  In October 2012?  This will be like giving the Taiwanese an independent church of Scientology.  Very unlikely, unless you guarantee somehow to pay huge amounts for years to come, and the threat of mutiny is big enough.

Any person of importance in SCN should have seen the beautiful Ideal Org in Israel on DVD.

The church testified in court that it's a lie, to make it look good for donors.  They church said that they didn't show that the Ideal Org is far from finished.  It's all about donations.

It's a long story.  The church in Israel used a middle man to buy and restore an Ideal Org, so nobody knows that it's Scientology.  This middle man ran into financial trouble, resorted to using bombs to kill.  He is in jail and on trial.  The builder wasn't paid and tried to foreclose on the Ideal Org to recover debt.  The church refused to pay because they claimed that the Org was far from finished.

The church will not give control of the Ideal Org to anybody who is at risk of blowing or being independent.  You have to be in the Sea Org for over 18 years, or have enough dirty secrets known to the church that you can be totally controlled.  If COB send you to the RPF, you are expected to obey.  Rich and powerful mission holders are out of the question.  They killed the mission movement in the 80's so as not to compete with the church.

There are no competence persons left around COB to handle anything.  If you get any decisions to go ahead, that's delaying tactics.

Staffing is another impossibility.  99% of Sea Org gets less than $50 per week no matter what.  They may have bean and rice, a bunk bed, and medical insurance only if the law mandates.  Staff don't even have that guarantee.  Because of low income, many staff and even ED have to moonlight, such as driving taxis.

Taiwan Ideal Org could be successful.  It would be like Flag without the need for the thousands of Sea Org slave that keep it running.  But this will set a good example - scientologists worldwide will want their independence.

Taiwanese auditors are in it for the money.  They wish to charge more money than a doctor but without a degree.  They will stay FSM.  And that's why the church killed the mission movement long ago.  The only job of missions now is to send golden eggs laying goose to the church for slaughtering.

Sea Orgs in TW, if there are any, are very low profile.  It's hard to keep their miserable life from public.  Or keep their exceptional life from the rest of the world.

So, give me reasons that you will have an Ideal Org this year.  Show me some real pictures, not brochures and simulations.

Scientology in Israel: Arson, Attempted Murder, Foreclosure, General Paranoia -- And a Visit by the Voice!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The death of Narconon?

US Narconon Freedom Center recently offered Christian Addiction Treatment.  This is desperation beyond comprehension.  No Christian church will endorse it.  Most of the study in the Narconon course are Scientology scriptures.  Hubbard's written words are either sci-fi or scripture.  The cult made sure of it for the religious protection.  I don't even know if there are exceptions.

The tsunami against Narconon in Canada continues.  The con is now exposed on a major newspaper.  When no doctors are allowed to have any connection with Narconon, I don't see how it survives.  It only takes one victim who won't take the blood money and settle.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

French court upholds Scientology organized fraud conviction

Paris Feb 2, 2012.  The Church of Scientology has lost it's appeal for the 2009 convictions, which includes organised fraud, dispensing medicine without license.  The penalties are upheld with some increases in fines.

It is not know how the cult can carry on operations in France, continuing the dangerous purification rundown, and promising members enhanced abilities.

This is perhaps significant to some Scientologists in some 3rd world countries, saying that "we believe in innocence until proven guilty".  They are proven guilty.  Now scientologists are saying that it's religious prosecution.  Well, I would say that if the government is prosecuting you, they don't need put up such a clumsy show.  People are afraid of the cult because they have unlimited budget in suing people.  The cult exists because of the courts.  You cannot have it both ways.

There are much more in the court proceedings to observe than the verdicts.  In this case, there are no individual witness any more.  The cult paid them enough to settle and there went your donations, your credit card debts and your mortgage.  They fight hard to exclude organisations as plaintiffs, one for the protection of families against cults, and the official French anti-cult organisation.  Hubbard never had any tech to convince other people, no debate, no communication, no philosophy whatsoever.

Failing the above, cult lawyers walked out of the court, knowing that they will lose.  After the verdicts, about 50 (!) Scientologists protested outside the court.  The man in the picture isn't a member of Anonymous, but a Scientologists.  This further demonstrated that the cult is a closed group, and such group will self destruct one way or another.  The protests wouldn't have any positive effect on anybody except Scientologists.

"French court upholds Scientology fraud conviction" — CBS MoneyWatch, February 2, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

To Pei Ran Law Firm

Johnny Chen
Pei Ran Law Firm
5th Floor, No. 25
Sec. 2, Ren Ai Road,
Taipei 100

Phone: 0932-393-886
Fax: 02-23416069

Feb 24, 2012

Dear Counsel Chen,

Yahoo has effectively handed over the name of your law firm for us to handle.  Welcome abroad.  You are the evidence of L Ron Hubbard's philosophy, that the goal of lawsuits is not to win, but to harass your opponents and ruin them financially.

We demand you to send us the communications between Yahoo and your law firm, acting on half of your client, the Church of Scientology, Taiwan (hereby known as the Cult, as exposed by the Times Magazine 1992).

We believe that the Cult definitely lied, and since we are a commercial client of Yahoo, we believe that the communications sent to Yahoo is cause for libel, poisoning a commercial relationship between a client and a service provider.  We demand disclosure and will consider further actions, legal or otherwise.

You are very wrong if you think that this is just a letter from a lawyer (or wannabe), as useless as yours.  As the Hon. Doctor of Literature, half historical, half ancient marshal arts fantasy fiction novelist, Jin Yong, will advice, do not fight fist with fist, unless you have a bigger one.  We will leave the law to the experts when the time comes.  We operate on a level way above and beyond the law.

The Cult is an evolutionary cancer to us and our goal is to eradicate it completely in everybody's mind, in four or forty years, which makes no difference to us, in our spare time, and for our own enjoyment.

While we do not fully agree with the "public opinions" in the Makiyo incident, you have no excuse for working with the Cult.  Defence lawyers cannot do a full investigation before deciding to take on a case.  And even the guilty need to be represented to apologise that they are under the influence of alcohol, etc, etc.  There always will be lawyers specialising on "difficult" cases and love those negative publicity.

The crime of the cult is thoroughly documented on the Internet, all at your fingertips.  You are a tool to their attempted censorship of free speech.  Although you are a small potato, you are on the same boat of unpopularity as SOPA, PIPA,  and ACTA.

If you do not have enough money to pay rent and fax toner, we understand.  If the cult pay you a lot of money, we understand.  If you are too brain damaged to see the lies, we also understand.  If it's all of the above, we wish good luck to you.

It used to be exciting - protests in front of the biggest US law firm, tracking down and sending emails to every employee worldwide of the second biggest US law firm, all because what one partner did some 18 years ago.  Sadly, one can no longer make a good living out of the Cult, while pretending to be an upright community member.   Heavy weight lawyers and law firms are all out, or just became useless for the Cult.  Even in big cases, the Cult is forced to use inferior lawyers, who has been depending on the Cult as their only businesses, or to use local lawyers, who has no idea how bad the Cult is.   It's always worse than you think.

Even though you are far from that league,  your continued engagement is actually encouraged, but then you have to expect us.

This is true,

Xianu Lee

Monday, February 20, 2012

Former Scientology executive Debbie Cook claims torture and kidnap by church leader

This is ABC's version of Debbie Cook's injunction hearing, aired on Feb 15, 2012.  English subtitle completed. The story is more complete and most of the explosive testimonies are there except for the incident that David Miscavige punished an executive by ordering him to lick the toilet floor for over half an hour.

This is Mr Wu Ying Ceng's Scientology.  He is the descendant of the Tainan Gang, a rich and powerful family originated from the South of Taiwan.  He is the mission holder of Capital Mission, head of Hubbard Management School, and one of the biggest donor in Taiwan.

He is also a big donor of Criminon, which is basically doing promotion for Narconon methods.  No doctor can argue that it's medically and scientifically safe.  No educators can argue that what they teach, such as "The Way To Happiness", is not trashed by philosophers thousands of years ago.

After all, there is no excuse when a live person went into rehab, ended up dead under their care inside their world headquarters.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Australia's "child labour camp" in Scientology Headquarters

Shane joined the Sea Org at six with his mother.  He lived in a tiny room with 11 other children at the Dundas Headquater in Sydney.  He once lived in the garage  until it was flooded in a storm.  He moved to live under the stairs in a 1 meter wide closet.  Once he was 15, he worked 14 hours a day, seven days a week, for up to $35 a week, with beans and rice as the main diet.  At 21, he escaped and told his story on TV.  Before that, he never went on the Internet, never seen any movie, TV nor read any books other than LRH's.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Debbie Cook case round one: Flag ex-captain destroyed Church of Scientology in court

On New Year's eve 2012, Flag ex-captain Debbie Cook sent out an email to Scientologists criticising chairman David Miscavige of violating L Ron Hubbard policy on many fronts.  The church sued her for violating the non-disclosure agreement she signed when she left.  Furthermore, the church was granted a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent Cook from talking to anyone, including her husband and co-defendant, about the case and about Scientology, until the trial is over.

On Feb 10, 2012, a court hearing was held to decide if the TRO was to be replaced with a temporary injunction effective for the life of the lawsuit.  Debbie Cook testified under oath, in court, on TV camera that she was kidnapped and tortured, and witness the same on others.

Cook saw David Miscavige punished Mark Ginge Nelson.  He was beaten by a Miscavige assistant and two other men for two hours.  Nelson also was made to lick a bathroom floor for at least 30 minutes.

Cook said Miscavige once ordered his secretary to slap her hard, and she fell over into some chairs.  He also ordered his communication officer to break her finger. The officer bent it back, but did not break it.

She was held in the RPF for seven weeks with more than 100 other Scientology executives. They spent their nights in sleeping bags on ant-infested floors, ate a soupy "slop" of reheated leftovers and screamed at each other in confessionals that often turned violent. For two weeks, she said, Miscavige had the electricity turned off as daytime temperatures in the desert east of Los Angeles topped 106 degrees.

She described a 12-hour ordeal at the California base where she was made to stand in a trash can while fellow executives poured water over her, screamed at her and said she was a lesbian.

She ran away but was intercepted by the church.  She contacted her mother and instructed her to call the police if she was not released in 3 days.  She threatened to slash her wrist if she was not released.  The church made her sign the non-disclosure agreement on camera before releasing her.

After the first day of hearing, the church withdraw the request for the injunction.  The church did not offer any witness to dispute Cook's testimony.

Ex-Clearwater Scientology officer Debbie Cook testifies she was put in "The Hole,'' abused for weeks