Sunday, April 15, 2012

The failure behind Scientology anti-drug events

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The church of Scientology cannot enter schools to promote Narcanon any more, not even in the Clearwater of Taiwan, 高雄 (Gao Xiong).  You would think that going out in the streets to deliver leaflets is easy.  But it's not as easy as you think.

About 3 days before the event, they sent out an invitation for volunteers to participate in an anti-drug event.  The volunteering organisation is legit, Gao Xiong Youth Volunteer Centre (  高雄市青年志工中心), federally funded.  Managing the centre is a murky Huo Cun Culture and Education Foundation(和春文教基金會).  The administrator of the Facebook page of the Centre is Lin Ying Ming(林英明).  In the invitation, no sponsor or organisation is mentioned, which is an exception other than the norm.

12 volunteers from various schools attended the event.  I asked if the Church is the sponsor and posted that the Church is an international criminal organisation.  The comments got deleted.  This is not the first time.  But the issue is that I posted the link to the comment I left at Office the President website, that the Church is a convicted international criminal organisation. The feedbacks there are moderated.  So they deleted my comments good enough for the Office of the President, but not good enough for them, while they are a non-profit funded by the government.

Lin Ying Ming should know better because he was a graduate of the School of Political Warfare (政治作戰學校).

They used 12 clueless students to promote their agenda and then published a standard press release saying how great the Church of Scientology is, having solutions to the drug problem.

Perhaps they listened to my advice, using a reputable newspaper for press releases, stating that it is a press release and that the source is the Church of Scientology.

That makes you wonder, how many Scientologists are left at the district of the future Ideal Org of Taiwan?  Are they too ashamed to come out for charity? The scn controversial anti-drug campaign is that much close to annihilation.

The list of volunteers accepted for the event, a total of 12:


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