Saturday, April 28, 2012

Narconon: Health Agency feared for the safety of the residents

April 17, 2012 translated by mnql1

The Narconon detoxification center fails to satisfy 42 of the 55 criteria needed to obtain certification from the Quebec Department of Health, 26 of which are deemed high risk factors. This is the assessment presented this morning at a press conference by the Health and Social Services Agency for the Mauricie-Central Quebec region.

The Health Agency brought up several questionable procedures used by Narconon, for example its sudation method combined with massive doses of medications, as well as the absence of medical supervision. Residents spend five or six hours a day in a sauna during twenty-five days. These methods are not recognized by the Quebec Department of Health.

Moreover, some residents have said they were prevented from leaving the center.

Narconon has ten days to send its comments to the Health Agency. Following this, Narconon will have sixty days to contest the decision before the courts. As was previously reported, the Narconon Trois-Rivières detoxification center was forced to shut down because the Quebec Department of Health refused to grant it certification.

More details to come.

Published in Trois-Rivières daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste:
Narconon: l'Agence de santé craignait pour la sécurité des résidents

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