Saturday, April 14, 2012

OT8 in Taiwan declare independence from "church" of Scientology

Phil de Fontenay declared independence from the church of Scientology on Rathbun's blog.  For mission holders, there is the SMI to collect money from them for using the tech.  For individuals such as Phil, there is IHELP to collect money from them. (THE INTERNATIONAL HUBBARD ECCLESIASTICAL LEAGUE OF PASTORS).  Phil had been in Taiwan for over ten years.  First they charge his company for delivering SCN service.  They they charge his staff as well.  Now they charge the students for attending service.

Phil was declared for not paying up.  The church enforced Facebook disconnection on him but he has many supporters.  This the first time in Taiwan that Scientologists criticise the church openly and go around spreading their opinions on Facebook.

There are at least 4 OT8's in Taiwan, half are independent.  The other is Helen Chen.  If you disregard the quickie bargain OT8's, the only OT8 left in the church is Mr Wu Ying Ceng.

This is what Phil has to say:
One day people are so friendly and nice and tell you how happy they are to have you as a friend. The next day this other former "friend" tells them they should not be friends with you any more because of one thing or another. Your friend then, without so much as a whimper blindly follows like a rat follows the piper and un-friends you and shuns you as if you had a contagious disease. I don't mind of course because friends like that are not real friends. But, just like the rat happily follows the piper to its death, so follow the closed-minded, following an insane leader to a dark and forbidding future. It's this last part that drives me. I don't want anyone to suffer this fate. Make a stand and do not support insane leaders. Free communication = Freedom and that's all that matters! Adieu!

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