Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scientology Extrapolation 2013

It's way too late and too busy to do a 2012 review, so it's extrapolation time instead.  No apologies as Thursday 2pm is not our thing.

Exodus out of the church of Scientology is evident if you believe that the church once has 10 million "members".  Now it has an estimate of 25,000 members in US, mostly in LA and Clearwater.  The new census in UK shows that there are only 2,400 Scientologists.  That explains the large numbers of familiar American faces appearing in Saint Hill annual events, and coach loads of attendees from other parts of Europe.  Now they bring everybody from all over Taiwan by coaches to Taipei to attend events.  Miscavige's one year old Facebook page has only 800 fans before the last minute stat push at the end of the year to 3000.

Now leaving the Sea Org is reported to be easy.  Even in Int Base, you just need to say you are pregnant and the medical officer won't even challenge you.  If you know any dirty secrets you may even have useful severance money and accommodation arrangements.

A reliable estimate of Scientologists in Taiwan is 1300.  There is a very public rebellion since the Debbie Cook incident played out on Facebook.  Our only celebrity went back inline with the church, while others became vocal critics.

The Superpower building, in the works for about 15 years, is still not open due to insufficient Sea Org staff.  This is an excuse not to let it open.  Once it's open, Scientologists will see that it will be as empty as in all the other Ideal Orgs.

The first Asian Ideal Org in Taiwan is still not opened for the same reason.  Not enough Sea Org members are recruited.

The extrapolation for 2013 is - decimation.

Victims or critics return to haunt CoS in a big way and in numbers.  The difference now is that they have Marty Rathbun to "consult" or dispose.  "Did you kill my dog?", one old time journalist asked.  Marty also has to reveal in court that the church spent over 30 million dollars to cover up the Lisa McPherson case, including favors to lawyers and judges.  Sweeney already started the new year with an article selling his book critical of Scientology.  Several books are due just in January.  These aren't just self publish books, but some written by best selling professional writers on behalf of victims.

Scientology lawyers can't deal with the number of lawsuits even if they are not in the RPF and even if they are half capable.  Just for Narconon there are at least 5 major cases, each of which can shut them down even if the state authorities aren't investigating (they are).  Outside lawyers are hired who aren't going to play dirty and shield the church from responsible for illegal activities.

Let's not forget one French police turned PhD who wrote a thesis of how to prosecute the church of Scientology.  Having read the thesis by the French prosecution team is one defense that the church used and failed.  The Belgium prosecution also has their hands on the thesis long ago.  I predict that they had enough after they raid the church in 2008, and declared in EU once again that the church is a criminal organization.

The local and state governments were afraid of Scientology because they have the finance to sue the government until their legal budget ran out, without wining the lawsuit.  But this can only happen in US.  It's not going to happen in Europe and Asia.

The extrapolation for 2013 is that even Taiwanese victims are coming out asking for justice, and I know for sure.  I can't think of any lawsuit Scientology has a chance to claim victory.  It looked like they worked out a formula in 2012 to pay anybody who sued them.  It's like being forced to exchange pieces near the end game.  At the end they are left defenseless.

Desperation is in the air for the church.  They started a Dianetics campaign  yet again.  This time the print run is 10,000 and they first pile it up as a pyramid to enter the Guinness book of world records.   They even hired a leggy B/C list model/starlet to be the witness on TV.  My prediction is that they will have about 9,900 unsold Dianetics this time and the starlet will kiss goodbye her career in mainland China - she got scorned immediately after she posted her pictures of the event.

How many Scientologists does it take to sell Narconon on the streets?  A whole platoon of Sea Org members.  They are kicked out of schools, they are kicked out of voluntary organizations.  They have to deploy a platoon of Sea Org members and conscripted a lot of scientologists including women and children, to get enough head for a picture that they can publish in a press release.  They even published most of their names to thank them for their efforts.  At other times, they may just release a picture with two anti-drug campaigners and a passerby.

In the small county where Narconon Taiwan is, the District Attorney's office is well infiltrated or controlled by Scientologists.  They use the DA office to assign Criminon counselors to get into schools.  This is so desperate and I think they self destructed.  Narconon was kicked out of schools there years ago and the new mayor had assigned a police officer as the liaison with us for reporting possible criminal activities within Narconon.

 You can hear Scientologists sobbing "nobody will criticize human right activities". They borrowed another cult's play book that failed as well.  When all else failed, they sent their 19 year old Delphi graduate to lecture about human rights.  I think she got away with it because she is pretty, appeared in TV commercials briefly and doesn't speak Mandarin.  The other is not even a Scientologists, but a professional US motivational speaker who is also a famous virgin in his 30's.  This time some university students aren't attending even being bribed with course credits.  They did use the Taiwan federation of medical students to generate some PR, but I doubt very much if the church haven't alienated all of the medical students afterwards.  The events preceded with an edit war in Wikipedia, concerning whether the Taiwan Youth for Human Rights is connected to the church.  After the events, some of my videos have more hits in a month than the previous quarter.

My extrapolation is that their desperation will turn into self-destruction. 

I fail to extrapolate on one thing.  Now the FBI are involved, Homeland Security are involved, the Australian Federal Police are involved.  I can't think of any more.

Finally my advice to staff and Sea Org members.  Don't wait until it's too late to abandon ship.  Marty is between a rock and a hard place.  He wanted to omit a lot of things while he is in charge.  Now if he tell the truth he doesn't have the protection of the church.  And if he lies, the church can contradict him at all cost, and put him in serious legal trouble even if the church has to sacrifice it's reputation.