Monday, April 16, 2012

Worse than KONY 2012—Youth for Human Rights International Taiwan

The president of Youth for Human Rights International Mary Shutterworth visited the President of Taiwan.  It was very upstat at first sight but this is right after the presidential election.  It's pay back time.  What else did the President do?  Force eviction of homes for redevelopment.  Big increase in gas and electricity.  And greeted Mary Shutterworth.  Scientology is that unpopular.  And because of the visit, I commented that the church of Scientology is a convicted international criminal organisation, at the Presidential Office online.  The board is moderated and my comment got through.  It's not a big deal but Scientologists can't say "It's not true", "I sue you".

Youth for Human Rights International Taiwan has one full time employee 林佩臻.  The only activity is for her to go to schools and lecture about human rights. Since she does not do press releases, we have not filed complains recently.

They used to have a Human Rights carnival on Human Rights day every year.  It was busted some two years ago.  Then they invited "celebrities" instead to tour universities.  First it was once a year, then every six months and now just three months.  It was as if they want to stop the downward spiral but failed miserably.

All these celebrities are offspring of big donors and dedicated OT's.  There were also some without a single talent who came along.  They don't come any more because they can't do anything and looked like idiots. 

As I predicted, Nikki Lanik can't continue to fake being a formula one driver when nobody hire him to drive any race any more.  Instead, came the bizarre "Hollywood photographer" Felix Kunze, who is actually based in London, and his only photo shoot session with a movie star is, guess who, Juliette Lewis.  I still want to vomit thinking about her recently leaked sex pictures.  He did a session with Catherine Bell recently, before he set off for Taiwan.  But Bell isn't a Hollywood star, all she did was TV shows and TV movies.

As for Dustin McGahee, he claims to be a singer and he can sing, although the biggest run of his album is 300 CD's shipped to Taiwan for sale. I would think a lot are still in the office drawers.  There's nothing to fake but there's not enough pulling power either.  So this time they find another singer to make up a party of three celebrities.  But the trouble is that this singer, 郭育麟, is a wedding singer.  That doesn't stop them from signing autographs and sell them as if they are Hollywood and Nashville stars.  But sooner or later people will realise that Dustin McGahee is not even as good as a wedding singer, and the Hollywood photographer has nothing to do with Hollywood, except for Juliette Lewis that he would rather has nothing to do with.

This year they managed to tour three universities.  Only a few people turned up in one of them, just enough for them to take group pictures.  May be because they brought a wedding singer in the other one, so the crowd was bigger.

The repeat offender is Kun Shan University.  When I made a comment on a Facebook page of this university about the event, my link to the Presidential Office was deleted.  That gave me an option to complain to the highest level.

Also, people are not stupid. Someone were bound to ask, "Human rights ambassadors, can you help with the force eviction for redevelopment?"  The answer should have been, "We are worse than KONY 2012.  We take your money, travel all over, make epic videos, and raise awareness.  But we absolutely don't spend any money on others."

With nothing much to do, these celebrities hijacked a concert.  The location is like Avalon in Catalina Islands, Land's End in Cornwall.  There are pictures of a lot of audiences.  There are videos of our celebrity singing on his own.  The only video with the singer singing in front of some audiences, was probably filmed when they gave him the stage after the concert finished, and there were still some people left who didn't go home yet.

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