Saturday, April 7, 2012

Scientology Chairman David Miscavige Killed Lisa McPherson

David Miscavige can always come out and testify to it under oath.  There are other witnesses who will always turn up to join the party wherever COB is.

David Miscavige Killed Lisa McPherson by Marty Ruthbun April 5, 2012

The full Lisa McPherson tragedy is here.

Marty is once the number two in Scientology.  Mike Rinder was once the spokesman for many years and head of the "church's" intelligence service OSA.  The two were responsible to deal with the aftermath of her death for years.

Marty's reasoning is that, COB's tech is impure and bad so it wouldn't work.  Since he is personally involved as case supervisor, he had to make it go right because he cannot be wrong.  All the others had to make it go right or suffer severe consequences themselves.  So COB is the cause of the sequence of events that caused the death of a perfectly healthy young girl.

But Scientologists have problems with truth and logic reasoning, different from those in the real world.  Marty personally destroyed the last 3 days of logs without telling us what was in it.  Of course COB is responsible.  And Marty is not?   I'm sure at the time many LRH's policies were followed, while many creeds were thrown out of the window.  Indeed, Scientolgists have been using different LRH policies to justify their opposite arguments.

The scary thing is that Lisa is only a low level public Scientologist who just attested to Clear.  After a minor traffic accident the paramedics didn't find the need to treat her at all, until she started to take off her clothes so they have to bring her into the hospital.  The still didn't find anything wrong with her physically.

Her nightmare began when the "church" intervened and took her out of hospital into Flag.  She was force fed.  She punched and kicked the walls, hurting her arms and legs.  Her nails were removed so she couldn't harm others "taking care" of her.  She died 17 days later.  In the final hours, she was taken to see a Scientologist doctor, passing 4 hospitals on the way.

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