Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Japan 311 Nuclear Disaster Anniversary Law of Psychological Entropy

One Taiwanese was impressed by the Japanese.  A football field was full of people evacuating.  The order was perfect.  No chaos, no shouting, no arguing, no nothing.

But I would say that a lot of them are just speechless, "I voted whoever you wanted.  I listened to you all my life without question.  I was never late to work.  Now you screwed my DNA big time, the whole track, even if it survives the next generation."

There is a rule in psychology that I don't remember how to spell.  But it's similar to entropy in science.  People believe what will minimise their apparent losses.

People in the nuclear industry will believe that the reactors are safe, that the company and government will take care of everything.  If they don't believe, they have to become unemployed sooner or later.  The same with local people who will suffer economic destitute.

You can believe that beef are safe, because you can have cheap and tasteful meals, and that you still have the government to take care of you.

Unfortunately, truth and belief are different things.  The wrong believe will cost you much more at the end.

If I were in the Sea Org, I would quit right now no matter the cost.  You may lost everything that you worked for your whole life.  But if you don't, at best you will end up like Debbie Cook, raised to the top, beaten and tortured.  Out on her own at retirement age with nothing.  And it's not just her.  Most of the executives since LRH's time are declared, a much higher proportion of SP's in the church than in the general population according to Ron. At her generation of American dreams, she certainly would have been much happier without Sea Org and without Scientology.

You hope things may change, but it won't if you stay put and don't do anything.

The same goes for org staff.  They don't close orgs, but many staff have 2nd jobs to pay for food.  At the end they will send in the Sea Orgs to keep it open.  Bean and rice don't cost that much.

If you think dauntless and defiant is the way to go, it will cost you more everyday.  You will pay for it at the end.

Steven Jobs will compromise and sell anything to make a profit.

It's even harder to accept that Scientology is a scam.  Even Debbie Cook can't wake up.  I doubt if the "miracles" she witnessed worth what she suffered.  I'm sure the victims that she came across are less than the tip of the iceberg.  And yes, blame everything on David Miscavige allows you to still have Scientology.

The truth is out there if you pay attention.  When California milk are on huge sale because of nuclear fears, Taiwan media named the 311 event Strong Earthquake.  When your number one priority is to go zero in domestic nuclear energy, the media complained that Taiwan representatives are not invited in the earthquake anniversary. 

Now you know banning American beef is not enough, a great step though if you can.  The toxic drug will come from everywhere, banned or not, labelled or not.  You should have supported Wikileaks.  That's why the American politicians hate it so much.  Anything that can go wrong can go wrong, including governments.  You got to let the truth out when it happens.

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