Saturday, March 3, 2012

French court upholds Scientology organized fraud conviction

Paris Feb 2, 2012.  The Church of Scientology has lost it's appeal for the 2009 convictions, which includes organised fraud, dispensing medicine without license.  The penalties are upheld with some increases in fines.

It is not know how the cult can carry on operations in France, continuing the dangerous purification rundown, and promising members enhanced abilities.

This is perhaps significant to some Scientologists in some 3rd world countries, saying that "we believe in innocence until proven guilty".  They are proven guilty.  Now scientologists are saying that it's religious prosecution.  Well, I would say that if the government is prosecuting you, they don't need put up such a clumsy show.  People are afraid of the cult because they have unlimited budget in suing people.  The cult exists because of the courts.  You cannot have it both ways.

There are much more in the court proceedings to observe than the verdicts.  In this case, there are no individual witness any more.  The cult paid them enough to settle and there went your donations, your credit card debts and your mortgage.  They fight hard to exclude organisations as plaintiffs, one for the protection of families against cults, and the official French anti-cult organisation.  Hubbard never had any tech to convince other people, no debate, no communication, no philosophy whatsoever.

Failing the above, cult lawyers walked out of the court, knowing that they will lose.  After the verdicts, about 50 (!) Scientologists protested outside the court.  The man in the picture isn't a member of Anonymous, but a Scientologists.  This further demonstrated that the cult is a closed group, and such group will self destruct one way or another.  The protests wouldn't have any positive effect on anybody except Scientologists.

"French court upholds Scientology fraud conviction" — CBS MoneyWatch, February 2, 2012

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