Saturday, February 25, 2012

To Pei Ran Law Firm

Johnny Chen
Pei Ran Law Firm
5th Floor, No. 25
Sec. 2, Ren Ai Road,
Taipei 100

Phone: 0932-393-886
Fax: 02-23416069

Feb 24, 2012

Dear Counsel Chen,

Yahoo has effectively handed over the name of your law firm for us to handle.  Welcome abroad.  You are the evidence of L Ron Hubbard's philosophy, that the goal of lawsuits is not to win, but to harass your opponents and ruin them financially.

We demand you to send us the communications between Yahoo and your law firm, acting on half of your client, the Church of Scientology, Taiwan (hereby known as the Cult, as exposed by the Times Magazine 1992).

We believe that the Cult definitely lied, and since we are a commercial client of Yahoo, we believe that the communications sent to Yahoo is cause for libel, poisoning a commercial relationship between a client and a service provider.  We demand disclosure and will consider further actions, legal or otherwise.

You are very wrong if you think that this is just a letter from a lawyer (or wannabe), as useless as yours.  As the Hon. Doctor of Literature, half historical, half ancient marshal arts fantasy fiction novelist, Jin Yong, will advice, do not fight fist with fist, unless you have a bigger one.  We will leave the law to the experts when the time comes.  We operate on a level way above and beyond the law.

The Cult is an evolutionary cancer to us and our goal is to eradicate it completely in everybody's mind, in four or forty years, which makes no difference to us, in our spare time, and for our own enjoyment.

While we do not fully agree with the "public opinions" in the Makiyo incident, you have no excuse for working with the Cult.  Defence lawyers cannot do a full investigation before deciding to take on a case.  And even the guilty need to be represented to apologise that they are under the influence of alcohol, etc, etc.  There always will be lawyers specialising on "difficult" cases and love those negative publicity.

The crime of the cult is thoroughly documented on the Internet, all at your fingertips.  You are a tool to their attempted censorship of free speech.  Although you are a small potato, you are on the same boat of unpopularity as SOPA, PIPA,  and ACTA.

If you do not have enough money to pay rent and fax toner, we understand.  If the cult pay you a lot of money, we understand.  If you are too brain damaged to see the lies, we also understand.  If it's all of the above, we wish good luck to you.

It used to be exciting - protests in front of the biggest US law firm, tracking down and sending emails to every employee worldwide of the second biggest US law firm, all because what one partner did some 18 years ago.  Sadly, one can no longer make a good living out of the Cult, while pretending to be an upright community member.   Heavy weight lawyers and law firms are all out, or just became useless for the Cult.  Even in big cases, the Cult is forced to use inferior lawyers, who has been depending on the Cult as their only businesses, or to use local lawyers, who has no idea how bad the Cult is.   It's always worse than you think.

Even though you are far from that league,  your continued engagement is actually encouraged, but then you have to expect us.

This is true,

Xianu Lee

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