Monday, February 20, 2012

Former Scientology executive Debbie Cook claims torture and kidnap by church leader

This is ABC's version of Debbie Cook's injunction hearing, aired on Feb 15, 2012.  English subtitle completed. The story is more complete and most of the explosive testimonies are there except for the incident that David Miscavige punished an executive by ordering him to lick the toilet floor for over half an hour.

This is Mr Wu Ying Ceng's Scientology.  He is the descendant of the Tainan Gang, a rich and powerful family originated from the South of Taiwan.  He is the mission holder of Capital Mission, head of Hubbard Management School, and one of the biggest donor in Taiwan.

He is also a big donor of Criminon, which is basically doing promotion for Narconon methods.  No doctor can argue that it's medically and scientifically safe.  No educators can argue that what they teach, such as "The Way To Happiness", is not trashed by philosophers thousands of years ago.

After all, there is no excuse when a live person went into rehab, ended up dead under their care inside their world headquarters.

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