Sunday, February 12, 2012

Debbie Cook case round one: Flag ex-captain destroyed Church of Scientology in court

On New Year's eve 2012, Flag ex-captain Debbie Cook sent out an email to Scientologists criticising chairman David Miscavige of violating L Ron Hubbard policy on many fronts.  The church sued her for violating the non-disclosure agreement she signed when she left.  Furthermore, the church was granted a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent Cook from talking to anyone, including her husband and co-defendant, about the case and about Scientology, until the trial is over.

On Feb 10, 2012, a court hearing was held to decide if the TRO was to be replaced with a temporary injunction effective for the life of the lawsuit.  Debbie Cook testified under oath, in court, on TV camera that she was kidnapped and tortured, and witness the same on others.

Cook saw David Miscavige punished Mark Ginge Nelson.  He was beaten by a Miscavige assistant and two other men for two hours.  Nelson also was made to lick a bathroom floor for at least 30 minutes.

Cook said Miscavige once ordered his secretary to slap her hard, and she fell over into some chairs.  He also ordered his communication officer to break her finger. The officer bent it back, but did not break it.

She was held in the RPF for seven weeks with more than 100 other Scientology executives. They spent their nights in sleeping bags on ant-infested floors, ate a soupy "slop" of reheated leftovers and screamed at each other in confessionals that often turned violent. For two weeks, she said, Miscavige had the electricity turned off as daytime temperatures in the desert east of Los Angeles topped 106 degrees.

She described a 12-hour ordeal at the California base where she was made to stand in a trash can while fellow executives poured water over her, screamed at her and said she was a lesbian.

She ran away but was intercepted by the church.  She contacted her mother and instructed her to call the police if she was not released in 3 days.  She threatened to slash her wrist if she was not released.  The church made her sign the non-disclosure agreement on camera before releasing her.

After the first day of hearing, the church withdraw the request for the injunction.  The church did not offer any witness to dispute Cook's testimony.

Ex-Clearwater Scientology officer Debbie Cook testifies she was put in "The Hole,'' abused for weeks

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