Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The church of Scientology confession: we lied for Ideal Org donations

Will the church of Scientology ever allow the Ideal Org Taiwan to finish?  In October 2012?  This will be like giving the Taiwanese an independent church of Scientology.  Very unlikely, unless you guarantee somehow to pay huge amounts for years to come, and the threat of mutiny is big enough.

Any person of importance in SCN should have seen the beautiful Ideal Org in Israel on DVD.

The church testified in court that it's a lie, to make it look good for donors.  They church said that they didn't show that the Ideal Org is far from finished.  It's all about donations.

It's a long story.  The church in Israel used a middle man to buy and restore an Ideal Org, so nobody knows that it's Scientology.  This middle man ran into financial trouble, resorted to using bombs to kill.  He is in jail and on trial.  The builder wasn't paid and tried to foreclose on the Ideal Org to recover debt.  The church refused to pay because they claimed that the Org was far from finished.

The church will not give control of the Ideal Org to anybody who is at risk of blowing or being independent.  You have to be in the Sea Org for over 18 years, or have enough dirty secrets known to the church that you can be totally controlled.  If COB send you to the RPF, you are expected to obey.  Rich and powerful mission holders are out of the question.  They killed the mission movement in the 80's so as not to compete with the church.

There are no competence persons left around COB to handle anything.  If you get any decisions to go ahead, that's delaying tactics.

Staffing is another impossibility.  99% of Sea Org gets less than $50 per week no matter what.  They may have bean and rice, a bunk bed, and medical insurance only if the law mandates.  Staff don't even have that guarantee.  Because of low income, many staff and even ED have to moonlight, such as driving taxis.

Taiwan Ideal Org could be successful.  It would be like Flag without the need for the thousands of Sea Org slave that keep it running.  But this will set a good example - scientologists worldwide will want their independence.

Taiwanese auditors are in it for the money.  They wish to charge more money than a doctor but without a degree.  They will stay FSM.  And that's why the church killed the mission movement long ago.  The only job of missions now is to send golden eggs laying goose to the church for slaughtering.

Sea Orgs in TW, if there are any, are very low profile.  It's hard to keep their miserable life from public.  Or keep their exceptional life from the rest of the world.

So, give me reasons that you will have an Ideal Org this year.  Show me some real pictures, not brochures and simulations.

Scientology in Israel: Arson, Attempted Murder, Foreclosure, General Paranoia -- And a Visit by the Voice!

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