Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thursday 2 pm

After the first Taiwanese OT's public denunciation of the church, this is what happened to a Scientology critic's blog in Chinese.  And these are not people looking for Tom Cruise divorce news.

This is evidence that Taiwanese Scientologists are starting to observe for themselves, ignoring the church's ban on etheta information on the net.  Congratulations and well done to those who triggered it all.

On 2nd thought, after the public seen the headlines of  Tom and Scientology, they search for Scientology.

Why Thursday 2 pm?  Anybody who has been a Scientology staff will still shiver when they hear this moment every week, when they have to report their statistics.  For all current staff, inverting this chart will be your stat comes next Thursday.

Is today Thursday?  Absolutely not.  I am experimenting a column like Tony's to catch up with so many things.  I am showing staff that I can do what I like, when I like it.

Our own Freedom Medal winner came out to defend the church.  His target audience are loyal Scientologists but his article got posted in public.  This is a bad sign as the church's usual handling is not to response but to smear critics on Freedom Magazine.  He didn't smear the critics but blame bad sheep among staff.  If he were in Sea Org he would have been put into the RPF.  Now he will need a lot of sec checks to progress up the bridge.  But I doubt if that's what he really wants.  He became OT3 only in recent years.

Our own celebrity is not afraid to speak her mind as usual.  She supports the new critics, but wants to stay in the church.  Maybe that's possible, but not before a lot of expensive sec checks.

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