Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Legend of the Guardians

The movie (sorry to disappoint you) gave me inspirations about "what is a cult?".

If for nothing else, kids will watch and may understand what is a cult with parental guidance.  There is the possibility that children raised in a cult may understand that the outside world is different.

A cult enslaves people, the weak.  It's not on a check list of cult features that I re-posted, hence this discussion.

You are the elite, or promised a path to be an elite, if you join.  It's OK to rule the weak, enslave them or extort huge amounts of money from them.  In order to move up the path of the elite, or keep yourself there, you will do a lot of things otherwise you will not do.

You are a slave master that money can't buy.  You regard that you are the saviour of mankind while Bill Gate is far from it.  It's OK not to talk to your family because they don't agree with you and they are weak.

The current leadership structure of a cult is a pyramid scheme to enrich people at the top - a cult is about money and power, exchangeable.

One difference between a religion and a cult is the concept of zero return, or that a cult rob Peter to pay Paul.  An established "religion" do not need to do that.

A cult sells you something addictive, for example, auditing.

Religion and cult evolve, so the concept of evolution make sense.  Evolution goes in all directions and cults are at the dead ends if they can't adapt.  Cults will have a lot of anti-society features, such as Fair Game and Keep Scientology Working.  Society will kill them like cancer.

Evolution gave us a large brain, astronomy and condoms.  You can't keep on fighting these things, for one Galileo that falls, ten will be born in his place.

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