Saturday, July 28, 2012

The history of the fall of the church of Scientology

This is the new title for both Chinese and English versions of the blog.  Now the Chinese title is nice and short, with a little bit of originality.

I have reasons to believe that the old title prevents some Scientologists and ex-church members to click on it in search engine results.

The old Chinese title is basically the nouns Scientology, Dianetics and LRH in one sentence, plus two negative adjectives each like fraud, cult, greedy.  Later it was shortened to one negative adjective to appear less mental.  The purpose was to stand out from the cult's many other websites, and to tell Scientologists that they can't do anything about the title.

This is not a postulate, but really history.  To me the CoS has fallen since 2008, since the Tom Cruise video incident.  That was the first time I knew what Scientology really is.  I asked myself how can the cult win when it takes only a few minutes at most to upload one video with no traces?  That was even before Gawker hosted the video on their website.  I even posted other copyrighted materials on videos as a little experiment.  It took the RTC three months to take one down!

Since then, the church has been forced to use full guerrilla tactics.  There are no spokesperson to confront the media.  Scientologists were given instructions in no uncertain terms not to defend in their own way their religion on the Internet.  Curtains will be drawn when the first protestors arrive at an Org.  Names and places are withheld in press releases in Taiwan, so nobody knows where or who to send complains to.

To be a Christian, you normally belong to a church, even if only your birth was celebrated there, and your funeral will be held there.  An ex-church member means that you are no longer a Christian - same as an ex-Christian.  But Scientologists has no such luck.  An ex-church member merely means that he/she has no other church to join, though he/she may still believes in Scientology.

One reason that some Scientologists (the Writer) don't leave the criminal and greedy church is because they are afraid that the whole Bridge will be lost, along with all Hubbard tech.  To me Hubbard is evil and crazy, but I can reassure Scientologists that the Bridge will still be there.

Take Karen de la Carriere for example.  She is the highest level of auditors trained by LRH himself.  She is the ex-wife of the current President of Scientology International, Heber Jentzsch.  She alone can take you up the Bridge many times over.  There are much more people like her outside of the church than inside.  She left the church in 2010, long after LRH dropped his body.  Therefore she cannot be a squirrel and sell impure LRH tech.  She is still a firm believer of Scientology even though she accused the church of causing the death of her son.

Karen is also a friend of OT8 Helen Chen, and appeared as guest on Helen Chen Academy’s graduation celebration in Los Angeles.

An 18 year old 2nd generation Scientologist in Taiwan came out to defend her religion.  She has been happy in Scientology and she said 18 years can't be wrong.  Wrong.  Many had been in for twice that, and Karen was trained by LRH himself.  If the church is gone, her group will still be there for some time.

Below is the memorial for Alexander Jentzsch, Karen's son.  You can see all the big guns there, many can take you far up the Bridge.  Without the church, you can still have your Scientology silent birth, weddings, and funeral.  And if you drop your body some day, you may still go to the other galaxies.

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