Thursday, June 21, 2012

Declaration of OT5 Verjanso Yang and wife leaving church of Scientology

Vejanso Yang is
I am a New OTV, a GAT Class V Auditor and Purif C/S and PTS Specialist. Whilst a public of the AOSH ANZO I assisted this organization by doing A-J’s on more than 200 people, more than 50 peoples’ Objective Correction Lists as well as auditing Sea Org Members up the Bridge.
I am trained to handle all kinds of PTSness except Type III and I deliver people all the way from the Purif to Clear. In fact, I am the first Taiwanese auditor to this day who can deliver from the Purif all the way to Clear. I am the first Taiwanese Senior Minister that was ever made. I was the first Taiwanese who co-audited to Clear. I was the first person to go to China and make the first Clear in China.

And now I am the first highly trained Class V Taiwanese Auditor to publically depart.

An Open Letter to All the Taiwanese Scientologists

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