Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wanted Thetans

Human species trafficking,  illegal imprisonment, kidnapping, fraud, violation of visa and labour laws, negligence (breach of duty and factual causation).

Any countries on the planet with extradition treaties with the Galactic Confederation.

Lead Agencies:
Because of the ease of blending in with the local species, the following organisations will be automatically recognised by the Confederation as the lead agencies when they are involved —— Interpol, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Australian Federal Police, Scotland Yard, and Politsiya.

Effective Period:
One billion years and one day.


Valeska Paris testified on national TV broadcast that David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board, Church of Scientology Religious Technology Centre, is personally responsible for taking her on-board the Freewinds.  She was held against her will for 12 years.   

Don Jason's publicly stated that he escaped from the Freewinds by sliding down the anchor chain.  To get to the airport, he had to fight off Sea Org members who attempted to kidnap him.

Shane Kelsey's mother put him in the Sea Org at Dundas Australia, when he was 6.  He escaped at 21 with the help of his father on the outside.

An anonymous source, an ex-Sea Org member from Taiwan, stated in public that he knows Shane because Shane worked in the kitchen for long hours.

A second anonymous source, an ex-Sea Org member from Taiwan, stated in public that he asked his friend in Taiwan to come over and help him escape from Dundas.  He returned to Taiwan but still believes in Scientology.

The Galactic Confederation therefore believes that crimes were committed against the human species, and that all the Sea Org officials and recruiters in Taiwan are directly implicated.  Those who ignored, or failed to check on, the well being of their recruits are at least guilty of multiple negligence.

The Republic of China, Taiwan, has no extradition treaty with the Confederation, but it has Mutual Legal Assistance Agreements with many countries on the planet.


All your thetans are belong to us —— David Miscavige, 李美足,Tina Chen, 黃玲月,林讚廷。

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