Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How the Org squeezed money out of Steve Wu, the richest Scientologist in Taiwan

Meet the IAS bank account team crush responsible for Taiwan.

Jerry Chen with his US$200,000 IAS quota
 Jerry Chen is the OT responsible for the IAS donation for all of Taiwan.  He is from Taiwan, a US citizen, and reports to the mother Org.

 In the picture he is holding the IAS donation target chart, with a quota of US$200,000 written on top.

He was high profile on Facebook but disappeared. His wife, Jill Chen, was the first woman OT8 from China.  She is still on Facebook, but endorsed Connor Chen, who is a dropout from Delphi School since last year.  He is now in a California public school.

The Org staff responsible for Taiwan is Erick Hilgers, then the Deputy Manager for the Hotels, the Church of Scientology.  He is seen with Jerry Chen on the same IAS quota meeting, together with other team crush helpers.

Jerry Chen and Erick Hilgers
Erick Hilgers and Team Crush members
Erick Hilgers told the following story in Taipei, 2011:

"When I was at Flag, I found out what happened to the wife of Steve Wu regarding their relationship.  While his wife was at Flag (Clearwater, Florida) on OT VII course, they found out that she was having an affair. In other words she was having another man in her life. This is a big aberration because based on the Org's ethics, you can’t have this happening on the highest level of Scientology. 
Of course his husband Steve didn’t know this at the time.  When Steve Wu went to the Freewinds, they told him about the affair.  He was put under pressure to make a big donation to the Org, which would handle the situation for him. 
So he did just that.  He paid around US $100,000 or may be more to the International Association of Scientology.  But what Steve Wu didn’t know is that everything was well planned to put presure on him, and to make him PAY THAT MONEY.  This was a big flap (the Scientology term for a problem) inside the Org and that all senior executives know that problem."

All the big Registrars at the Org knew about Steve Wu's problems.

Then the same story happened at Los Angeles, at the Celebrity Center.  Simone Hsu, mission holder of Taipei Centre, was told the story about Steve Wu and his wife. Simone’s response was “I knew something was wrong with Steve Wu”.

So Steve, not only the Org knew about your problem, but it is also well known to all your close friends and associates.

What the Org can really handle in this case is to order Steve Wu's wife not to file a divorce, or she will be expelled from the Org and lose her chance for eternal life.  They can order the other man to leave her alone if he is also a Scientologists.  Or, they can break them up using secrets from their auditing folders.  The Wu couple may be residents in California or Florida, or have significant assets there.  Both are no-fault states, meaning that the wife will get half of Steve's fortune WHENEVER she chooses to.  If this is what Steve wants to avoid and to handle, $100,000 is a cheap price.

The original reporter's story is fully acknowledged and linked.  I do not name him because we are not associates.  If you want legal actions, it have to be done at least twice.  It is my own legal responsibility to publish the story as fact, beyond reasonable doubt, for the sake of public safety.

Attempts were made to contact Steve Wu, his wife, and Karin Pouw, spokesperson of the Church of Scientology International,  for comment.  No response was received after at least 3 Internet days.

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  1. Fascinating. I'm surprised that the Scientology crime syndicate managed to find even one dimwitted customer in country that would sign on to such obvious frauds. Amazing.