Friday, August 7, 2009

怎麼可能這個狂人活到74歲 還未被關起來

Oliver Kamm, 英國時報專欄作家,他認爲形容羅恩賀伯特這個天下無雙的吹牛王,最好是Martin Gardner,他對賀伯特倆本書的評論:

我完成了兩本書,雙重驚奇。怎麼可能這個狂人活到74歲,還未被關起來? 一個科幻邪教,以這種荒謬的理論和邪惡的道德,如何能繼續蓬勃發展?愚蠢的宗教,我想像老戰士一樣永遠不死,要數百年後才可能最後褪色。(Nature 1988)

Oliver Kamm: Scientology sham: "'I finished the two books with double amazement. How could a man this crazy have lived to 74 without being committed? How could a science-fiction cult, with such preposterous doctrines and evil morals, continue to flourish? Idiotic religions, I suppose, like old soldiers never die, and centuries can pass before they finally fade.'"

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