Friday, October 15, 2010




Auditing is the secret technique at the heart of Scientology, the evil technique designed by L. Ron Hubbard which gave him mastery over his followers. Auditing is at the heart of all the damage done by Scientology. Those it affects are seldom aware of the fact that their minds are no longer their own. The normal person suffers from dreams and nightmares but knows as soon as he or she wakes up that the experience was not real, even when it was very realistic. But when he is subjected to auditing the dreamer never wakes up. He will open his eyes but he is never returned to the real world. He can easily be persuaded that his imaginary memories are real, that they belong to previous lives (and in a nice circular exploitation, that they are evidence for previous lives), that they are a real element in the person’s memory and not merely dreams or inventions. To the extent that such fantasies or hallucinations become embedded in the person’s conscious memory they replace his own memories and mechanisms.

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