Sunday, October 25, 2009

Knowing what to know

Someone made up the phrase "knowing what to know" in response to LRH's study tech - learning how to learn.

Even if study tech is not bad, you will forever be stuck in the high school, secondary school stage, where you are told what to learn, all the way to OT VIII, if you were in Scientology. In university, you are supposed to develop critical thinking skills, without explicitly written on the curricula. Knowledge is unlimited, and knowing is not the ultimate aim, but knowing what to know is, meaning having the ability to think critically.

This is inline with ancient Chinese philosophy:學海無崖......有崖隨無崖,殆已。

In science, mathematics, logic, theories and observations help to develop thinking skills. Post graduate studies will end up in Doctor of Philosophy - the school of thought. It's similar in arts, where you pick your supporting evidences to get to your conclusions. Also, many arts students take minor courses in philosophy and psychology, understanding how people think.

LRH is successful for training people not to think for themselves. All news released from the Church is true. And all negative news from major newspapers are lies. It just can't be true. If the anti-Scientology camp are that powerful in controlling all media, they are better off appointing politicians and presidents via public opinion. The Church of Scientology would have lost their tax exempt status and even being banned altogether.

Paul Haggis has deflected from the Church. He is a very famous screen writer and director, having won multiple Oscars, responsible for the most recent Jame Bones scripts. From his letter, it's obvious that if Scientologists just start thinking, Scientology or just the Church will collapse. He reasoned that even if a fraction of the church's reported abuse is true, it is not tolerable for him.

He asked if the CoS San Diego is openly supporting proposition 8, an anti-gay legislation. He received no reply. For a true Civil and Human Rights activists, he cannot be a part of it by remaining in Scientology.

He also spotted that Tommy Davis is lying on TV, when he said that disconnection do not exist. Paul's wife was disconnected from her father for trivial matters.

There is no surprise that

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