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Scientology in the Chinese world 2009

Due to complains from Scientologists, including (minor) celebrities, Yahoo Taiwan (Kimo) added CAPTCHA when one responds to other people's blogs with one's own blog posts. This is a win, an acknowledgment. Who's afraid of the truth?

The war against Helen Chan's (OT7) movie, "Let's fall in love", started in March. It's wrong that the propaganda movie disguised itself as a documentary, spread false hope, and promoted Helen's FSM group, an Scientology organization that misrepresents itself, often being thought of as a dating club, offering solutions in life. For each occurrence of the movie on the web, comments about the truth were left, if it could be left.

Against all odds, failing to get 500 small investors, Warner Brothers stepped in to release the movie nationally. Soon, similarly negative opinions dominated all polls and opinions about the movie in a huge way. Not only that the movie received rare positive ratings, but all other movies at the same week, the week before, the week after, and similar Taiwan movies, all received extremely positive ratings. In return for censoring negative opinions, the truth of the movie was exposed on the front page of Yahoo Movies at will. It doesn't matter if protesters were robots, hired cheap soldiers, volunteer army, pissed off victims, or just pissed off by the movie and Scientology. Few was sure but all was good for the opposition.

The movie had great trouble in the opening day at the end of August, and it's fate was sealed in the first weekend. Often the cinema screens became one's private - no other audiences. Despite an official rescue mission, with the director attending showings, in days the national release turned into a single screen release, where it had always been.

Chinese Wikipedia wasn't that useful because this anti-Scientology blog can be easily found via Google, but the war went on. The only thing going for Scientologists is that some editors cannot accept badly written Chinese articles after Google translation and corrective editing, even though the contents were very important, a matter of life and death. And also that editors do not reject unreliable sources, those from the Church of Scientology websites that Scientologists can only quote, because they are not suppose to read other things on the Internet! For each successful addition to the Scientology pages, it triggered an updated with the current great news from Germany and France, and there have been plenty of great news all over the world.

Scientologists, entering schools at will in 2008 via anti-drug talks, were being kicked out of schools altogether, in some cases with help from the mayor. Attempts at human right talks to students were rejected. Teacher training courses and parent talks were also not successful. Our faded starlet Rachel Chang still insisted to go into primary schools to talk human rights and promote Hubbard's name, all because she was promised discounts off future OT courses. She was that dumb and CoS cannot get rid of her without further negative PR! A few teachers, ignorant or otherwise Scientologists, taught from the Human right and Way to happiness DVD's. The problem of schools are that they are not that well connected, in the mental sense, to the web in remote counties. And that not all school principles and parent associations realize that they have the obligation to be reached via email, even though mostly could be spams from students.

While failing in other parts of the world, front groups were setup with no direct ties to the Church. A guy founded the East Taiwan family services (台灣安心家庭關懷協會), who also controls the East Taiwan Story House. ETFS was partially county funded. It was exposed to be carrying out Scientology activities on the side, with lectures on Scientology believes by Scientologists. "Front Group" was originally translated as something like a "scam organization". The founder lost his cool and declared on his blog that their organization was legitimate. On disaster relieve, volunteers arriving at the organization are taught by Scientologists on various assist techniques, to be applied later to "help" victims.

The Purification foundation, an Buddhist charity responsible for importing Narconon, has a curious relationship with Scientology. The foundation obtained public funding for anti-drug activities, but some lectures were presented by Narconon staff. Most activities of the foundation seems to have no relation to Scientology, but at least one staff praised LRH.

Some clueless high school students, or librarians, or teachers in an Hong Kong high school put Narconon on their website. Once exposed, like any other school in the world, they took it down immediately. The Hong Kong center was trying to reborn but haven't heard from it again. There is an Applied Scholastics center next to Hong Kong, inside China (ROC). There is one Mary who teaches English and also offer auditing via phone. APS is perhaps the first Scientology outpost in Taiwan. Now it is very quiet, and it resorted to using children waving signs outside of the school to recruit, and used the famous freeloading technique to get staff and income - paying big money for training, which will be refunded if staying on as staff.

It became clear that the library campaign is probably a success in Taiwan, while failed miserably in the world. Perhaps the Taiwan campaign was already an ongoing one for years. Many public schools, including primary/elementary, have Dianetics (in Chinese) in their libraries. It's a big conspiracy that Chinese Dianetics was classified as mental therapy by the central library, while the original Dianetics received the same classification as in the rest of the world, as a new religion.

8/8 came the Morakot disaster. The silliness and ineffectiveness of the Volunteer Minister was exposed right in front of the locals. The Taiwan press release of VM came one day later than the opposition exposing the assist scams. Assists were taken out of the releases, with the way to happiness leaflet in it's place. One Scilon reporter, 許謹麗, responsible for a Scientology Channel in an online newspaper, wrote her last press release on VM and was never heard of again.

It was a big opportunity to warn against the VMs in the number one disaster relief website, but the webmaster censored the discrete warning messages. Obviously she didn't know that the anonymous movement was started because of censorship. She even resorted to CAPTCHA before realizing that it was too silly for a disaster relief website, and gave up altogether. Another website kept the CAPTCHA and the silliness though. The message was spread far and wide, so much so that the top mission holder couldn't keep his cool and named names (handles) in his response, acknowledging that the opposition did well.

The webmaster resorted to human flesh search to find out who posted the anti-scientology messages. Being anonymous, it just couldn't be found out. Human flesh search became a joke for the wrong person, probably helping the Iranians via TOR, was blamed. After Morakot was gone, the webmaster was publicly humiliated at his Plurk, a Twitter like account. He was forced to quit for the day, being overwhelmed by responses. Plurk even helped by banning anti-censorship proxies. But being field tested thoroughly by the Chinese (PRC), the ban was only effective for short periods. Other times, Plurk, banned by the PRC itself, banned it's Chinese users from reaching it via anti-censorship proxies!

It was discovered that after the earthquake in China a couple of years ago, the Taiwanese Red Cross coordinated some medium to long term programs. It seems that the local govt, having no money, let the quack's in to have something to show for it's people without the need for any budget. One of the quacks is Scientology.

In the year end local elections, two politicians who expressed concern on Scientology were elected, while one who promoted TWTH didn't have enough votes to keep her deposit!

The public should be more aware that Scientology has it's claws everywhere, and not at all harmless to people who do not believe any of it. The head of education of a small county 南投縣教育處劉仲成處長 quoted LRH in his "communications" lecture. Ng Ying Chen 吳英辰, one of the heir to a well known family, and the head of a family bank sold, an OT and mission holder, is elusive but still spread lies to public Scientologists. It is probably due to his legacy that a credit card promotion has Dianetics on it's to buy list. A high ranking education official 劉瓊淑 was demoted to administering the national opera.

A private sector educator, 王君卉, who does not license any LRH technology, promotes Scientology via applying assists to children and now TWTH. After receiving complains, schools warned her in advance not to involve religion in free parental courses she offered to schools. Venues to hold her courses were reduced as bookshops and private tutoring schools do not want to involve. A Scilon was forced out of an apprenticeship program for high school drop outs, possibly after continuous exposure of Scientology activities, including letters to the mayor.

The only and small Criminon outfit is in the city 花蓮. Written on the prison website, the duty of officials include using scientific methods to evaluate alternatives for rehab, including Criminon. How contradicting! Scilons give it away for free, hoping for national implementation one day. A member of the legislative council 立法委員趙麗雲 pushed Criminon back in 2007. With any luck the public would have been paying CoS big money for nothing, even harming it's prisoners.

In another prison, anything goes, probably as long as it's free. Scientology was given the task of a reading club. Drug rehab was given to Falun Gong, a registered charity but not as a religion in Taiwan. So Scientology's ally Falun Gong may become it's major competitor. If true, Scientology doesn't stand a chance due to the numbers.

Herbalife products were discovered to be containing lead up to 12 times the legal limit. An active Scientologists working on Herbalife's major competitor rejoiced, only to find out that Herbalife was a major WISE member.

Last year CCHR's Human Rights campaign was in full force, playing on the public's fear of depression screening in schools, accusing a well known charity in collaboration with Pfizer to promote drugs. This year there was only a small YFHR carnival in Central Taiwan. The organizers were busy responding to negative press releases, before the carnival was held. They did succeed to take the picture of the vice mayor in front of a big LRH quote. He attended the same event last year. A mysterious guest didn't materialize.

The year end foot bullet occurred at the city of 高雄, a Human Rights City. The human rights learning center「人權學堂」was opened in Nov. Some fanatic Scilon slipped in LRH amongst the human rights greats, including MLK and Lincoln. The "mistake" was corrected as soon as it was discovered. Now LRH was being kicked out of 高雄, the number one Scilon city in Taiwan.

I shouldn't have written all these, with no time for it to be readable. Can't wait for a brand new year for a new offensive.

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