Monday, February 8, 2010

諜戰巴黎 約翰屈伏塔的滑鐵盧




Originally Posted by Joe Morgenstern
Mr. Morel is no Kubrick, or Tarantino, just as Mr. Travolta's caricature of John Travolta is no Travolta.
Originally Posted by Liam Lacey
Desperately unoriginal.
Originally Posted by Mike LaSalle
Instead of including the audience in on the joke, it offers second-rate goods and then tries to slip them by us.
Originally Posted by Tom Long
Extraordinarily bad by any measure.
Originally Posted by Richard Roeper
Would you like some fromage with all that ham, Monsieur Travolta?
Originally Posted by Joe Neumaier
The movie has the patchwork plotting of grade-schoolers making up a game at recess: "The hero's a wanna-be spy! He has to hang with a brash superagent! And they hunt a drug stash that's connected to terrorists!"
Originally Posted by Jason Anderson
Cast in the time-honoured double act of straitlaced newbie and wingnut-who-gets-the-job-done, Rhys Meyers and Travolta develop an affable rapport, possibly because they both recognize the movie for the trash that it is.

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