Wednesday, June 9, 2010


美國共和黨參議員初選,企圖在內華達州建立監獄內那可拿戒毒所的候選人Sharron Angle被同黨攻擊,因為席位競爭熱裂,華爾街日報也關注


金明拿在花蓮姊妹市、美国新墨西哥州亞伯古基市注 冊名爲「第二次機會」。

Sharron Angle 最近還辯護説「第二次機會」是好榜樣。



華爾街日報 Ms. Angle has built an image as a conservative outsider, and she won an endorsement from the Tea Party Express, an activist group. Ms. Lowden, who had been aiming most of her fire at Mr. Reid, recently aired an ad that mocks Ms. Angle for supporting a bill in the state assembly that would have given inmates massages as part of getting them off drugs. Ms. Lowden notes that the bill was backed by the Church of Scientology; Ms. Angle is a Southern Baptist. Ms. Angle has called the attack a distraction from more important issues and says she has no connections to Scientology.

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