Monday, December 27, 2010

Scientology in Taiwan review 2010

In Jan, an OT8 and a crook from the professional baseball league held a course of The Way to Happiness, for a class of crooks - professional baseball players surrounded by illegal gambling scandals.  They even visited the head of education to promote TWTH in schools, once again.  I thought TWTH was flawless against any criticism, but it turned out that on first read it is openly anti-philosophy, anti-logic, anti-atheists, and LRH himself is a very bad role model for what he taught.  Suppressing TWTH outside of Scientology turned out to be easy.  TWTH became a dirty word, along with Scientology and Dianetics.  Later an Archbishop and the Catholics joined in the fight.

This TWTH incident shows a feature of the anti-Scientology movement.  No body recently pointed out that "what is true for you is true for you" is dismissed by Socrates, otherwise our job will be easy.  Maybe some knowledgeable critics aren't active anymore.  For some ex-scientologists, they are still thinking within scientology, while Socrates is right out there to help.  Church critics, for or against LRH, are unwilling to attack LRH himself, avoid losing allies.  Some critics are too much absorbed into their game, writing scholarly essays rather than writing something a screen long for the public consumption.  It is within LRH's plan of clearing the planet to target school children, so he is fair game.

We have conquered yahoo, still the number one in Taiwan, yet again, since they upgraded their engine at the beginning of the year.  Per their algorithm, We added scientology, diantecs, and LRH in the blog title, while the words cult, pseudoscience and cheat are inevitable.  We posted enough evidence that the yahoo censoring body approved them and left us alone again.  Recently the blog title is shortened a little to make it less annoying to appear in search results.

Similarly, the Facebook (zh) campaign started when with the introduction of community fan pages, import of Wikipedia, automatic import of blogs, and most importantly, when we were sure that Facebook allows anti-company campaigns. It has been very successful for the work we put in, almost nothing.  We have as many fan pages as there are scientology front groups, drawing contents from our main blog.  We didn't need Wikipedia (zh) as our blogs are not far behind in the search results, but for Facebook we expanded on Wikipedia again.  (Wikipedia is a cult on its own that we wish to avoid.)  The scientologists' answer is to add a lot of crap at the top of articles to push negative criticisms down until they are not visible on the Facebook introduction.  We rearranged the paragraphs.

If you type scientology terms on the Facebook search box, our fan pages will turn up in the top three or five.  And for a while our imported articles appeared all over the list of related articles, but now they don't turn up for non-obvious reasons.  For some reasons the automatic blog import app didn't work all the time and we had to use other apps.  Recently Facebook deleted the main account and hence all the fan pages without giving specific reasons.  We recreated everything as there's not much work to it.  All we lost is less than 10 friends, that we don't know already. 

Since there are heavy promotion of flag and freewinds courses, on our facebook relaunch we trolled promised to sink their flagship and failboat.  We haven't really started when they deleted their freewinds page, with the help of some new friends.

By the way, the most popular fan pages turn out to be OT1 to 8 introduction.  There are few OT8s (3 in Taiwan), and few among them are totally out of scn.  Few of these dare to write anything and among them few bother to write much.  For those who wrote about it, few OT8s actually explained what they did in an understandable way for the public, or even the scientologists.  Their ability is to float the needle at the right time.  And they seem to have some reservations about writing the scripture that they once believed in.  Stacy Brook's account is incomplete, and most of it cannot be easily understood by the general public.  Now I think I understand just enough to satisfy everybody's curiosity.  There will be more for entertainment value.  Mrs Smith's translation work got me into the subject, and she is the first ex-scientologists from Taiwan, living in Sydney.

In the past, you have to go to Sydney for a couple of years to get up to middle level OT.  Now they are churning up high level OT's in no time, probably with a big discount too, making those before them worthless.  Another ex-scientologist came out on the open, and said that all the OT's are now pretty broke.  I didn't remember what I did to him that made him hates me still.  Can we all get along?

The Year of Anonymous seemed to have started in Feb, when Australians fought for the right to be anonymous online.  They won.  All hell broke loose for the Wikileaks incident, and in Dec, the Spanish govt was DDoSed and a pro-censorship law was removed. A cable leaked that the US govt pushed for the law helped.  Every Wikileak supporter supports the right of individuals to post anonymously critical documents, such as the Scientology library on Wikileaks.  I'm not surprised to find out that the first enemy of Assange when he turned into an activist many years ago was the Church of Scientology.

The global protest anniversary in Feb is still impressive, and we are still a global force.  Many cells are resting because their local org is pretty dead, and there's not much more to tell the public than the media had.  LRH's birthday in March invited a global assault from big and small media.  Nobody is afraid of CoS for sure.

I would have thought scientologists have to give up school lectures since I wrote to almost all the mayors in the land and received rather positive replies for a nobody.  Instead of going after the children, the scientologists held an anti-drug teacher training course in July.  From the Department of Interior I got some interesting replies, that by law they have to assist the growth of religions, or something like that.  And scientologists played the NGO card when asking to put the State Department's name on the course sponsors.  It's not that bad as the national invitation is sent to all schools and colleges.  I had the excuse to do so too to remind everybody that why the Department of Health is not on the sponsor list.  Other than that there's no more Narconon lectures at schools, but they switched to the newly formed Criminon. Contacted mayors again as the election year wasn't over yet.  There were still the odd human rights lecture in the southern cities, where human rights is the button to push, and the scientologists are strong.

Day and night is rather good at the Taiwanese box office compared to the US.  There is no competition from the local industry.  The Karate Kid didn't get a single screen for show.   It's not Karate.  And no Chinese would like to see a black American kid who went to China and beat up all the other Chinese bullies, even they are from mainland China.

The famous all LRH bookstore moved in July, but had yet to reopen properly.

It's not in the local news, but in September, BBC's Secrets of Scientology, and the senate inquiry in Australia are picked up by the public.

Scientologists infiltrated the Systems Engineering Department of a top ranked university in Taiwan, 107 in the world.  They held a Study Tech lecture in September by a Scientologists, also the CEO of Applied Scholastics and Diskeeper Taiwan.  With pleasure we helped to promote the event all over the university on the web, together with the brain wash methodology of Study Tech, and the history of Diskeeper.

Mary Shuttleworth visited in April when no Taiwanese officials greeted her as in previous years.  A big election year perhaps.  For the Human Rights Submit they managed to get into the UN and visited the Taiwan Consular there.  They came prepared for the Dec 10 human rights day, with a jockey character who also rode professional racing cars.  They changed location because of complains.  They took down their Facebook page, along with the invitations before the date.  But they still managed to get a few press releases with at most 20 elementary students in the picture.  Perhaps it was all a smoke screen.  Elsewhere, they formed a human rights drama group and went into a few elementary schools in Taichung, in the name of Scientology.  Can't complain much about it after the fact, as the Mayor's wife in Tai Tung visited a class at Thanks Giving, talked a lot about Thanks Giving and thanked the lord a lot.  The law must change or I'm discriminating against Scientology, though LRH's public record is very bad.

In Dec, a Sea Org wedding in Sydney Org was leaked posted.  Soon the man asked everybody if anybody knows any place that he can move in immediately.  The bed bugs are intolerable.  He also discouraged a scientologist couple who wanted to take their place when they visit Sydney from Taiwan for advance courses.  The bed bugs are too bad, he said.

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