Saturday, April 11, 2009

美國總統候選人使用 山達基政治顧問之醜聞

Coale's Scientology scandalizes Sarah Palin - News: "Who is Sarah Palin's advisor for her 2012 presidential run? John Coale, a Washington lawyer and husband of Fox News journalist Greta Van Susteren, is an outspoken Scientologist who has used his political influence to suit the needs of his church; now, as Palin's advisor, he has gained attention, and allegations are circulating that he is using her for advancing the Scientologists' agenda, such as their war against psychiatry and psychology. This may seem almost like an April Fool's joke to many, especially since it is not easy to associate the former vice presidential candidate with Scientology or anything related to it."

薩拉帕林是落選的美國副總統,及2012年總統候選人,媒體發現她身邊的政治顧問是有名的山達基人約翰寇,曾經説:「治療精神病是宗教的區域。」 約翰寇多年前,羅恩賀伯特死亡的那年,寫下計山達基劃書,怎樣擴展山達基的政治勢力。 多報章媒體報道,成爲醜聞,薩拉帕林當總統的機會大減,腦筋被懷疑。

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