Saturday, April 18, 2009


4/17 Controversy surrounds Scientology-linked exhibition at Concordia: "Flak is flying at Concordia University this week over the school's decision to allow an exhibition sponsored by the Church of Scientology.

University officials have been bombarded with email. Protesters have put together a YouTube video of the show and yesterday staged a demo outside the McConnell library building - where the exhibition is being held till Sunday - to register their objections. The exhibition was sponsored by the Citizens' Commission on Human Rights, which is affiliated with the Church of Scientology."

山達基的公民人權協會,屬下有中華國際人權促進會、青少年人權協會等,竟然在加拿大一間大學租到了場所舉行展覽,大學被投訴電郵轟炸,也有示威,荒謬的陳列被錄影了放在網上。 大學是應容忍言論自由的,但山達基的展覽是無從辯駁的謬論,活該被侮辱一下。

請想想,什麼校長會譲山達基入內講人權反毒? 譲教師受山達基荒謬的訓練?


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