Sunday, April 19, 2009


- Svarene hennes kunne egentlig ikke brukes til noe som helst - Innenriks -

According to Ole I. Iversen, who is chairman of the Certification Council for test use in Norway:
The methodology (OCA)is not rooted in any modern personality theory. It goes against all ethical guidelines, and also contrary to what we know about the development of people. For it to work, one must focus on what people are good at, and to build from there. The opposite is true.
2008年3月28日,卡賈,一名學生, 在法國尼斯的 Sophia Antipolis 大學攻讀,接受了山達基教的個性測試(牛津能力分析)幾個小時後,從她的宿舍窗口跳樓自殺。卡賈死亡時20歲, 是挪威議員奧拉夫的女兒。 她父親撰寫書本,2009年4月18日發行,內容主要是由她死前數日,最後和女兒談話那天,以至4月11日埋葬。


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