Friday, May 28, 2010


5月27日 加拿大參議員 Céline Hervieux-Payette 詢問政府,是否埋頭於沙裡?內容摘要:

  • 山達基將會在2011前開設七間教堂 (空的理想機構)
  • 羅恩賀伯特在1977被法國法庭定罪舞弊
  • 1992 加拿大安大略省最高法院,譴責多倫多山達基教會指令一些成員在政府之內當間諜,刺探對象包括安大略省的警察部門和總檢察長辦公室
  • 2009 法國山達基有組織性詐騙被定罪,七名領導人也被判有罪,龐大罰款
  • 政府有什麼打算限制山達基的拓展攻勢,確定它不會得到物業稅豁免,確定它不會得到慈善機構的承認,「捐款」不可以免稅?

Scientology and Conservatives: is the government burying its head in the sand? | Senator C�line Hervieux-Payette | The Senator's Official Site: "We know that the founder of the Church of Scientology was convicted of fraud by a French court in 1977; that in 1992, Toronto’s Church of Scientology was condemned by the Ontario Court of Justice for ordering some of its members to spy on government authorities, including Ontario’s police service and the Office of the Attorney General; and that in 2009, the two main branches of France’s Church of Scientology and seven of its leaders were prosecuted for organized fraud and illegally operating as a pharmacy, eventually paying hundreds of thousands of Euros in fines. How does your government intend to limit the growth of this movement and take appropriate measures to ensure that it does not receive any public funding or claim a federal property tax exemption and also ensure that it is never recognized as a charitable organization for tax credits under the Income Tax Act?"

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